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Known Issues


This section lists the known issues in hardware and software in Junos OS Release 17.2R2 for the PTX Series.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • Occasionally qsfp28+ can run into clock stretch and will be disabled with an i2c-accel sync access failed error message. PR1181493

  • On PTX Series platforms, if a faulty PSM (half dead) keeps firing up hardware interrupt storms, and the chassisd thread does not get CPU resources for 200 seconds, multiple chassisd core files are continuously generated. The chassisd is just a "victim" of not getting the CPU resources for over 200 seconds. This behavior is as expected (not a bug), and the code is implemented to reset the thread that is stalled for 200 seconds. The Junos OS software is fixed for the chassisd thread not to process such hardware interrupt storms sent from the faulty PSM, so that the chassisd thread can get CPU resources. PR1226992

  • On rare occasions, upon reboot, the kernel cannot create sysfs entries for the SSDs in the system. This might cause the system to enter panic mode and hang. PR1261068

  • Condition: Offlining/restarting an FPC 'x' that is sending traffic to FPC 'y'. The error messages listed below are seen on the destination FPC. A corresponding alarm is set on the destination FPC Specific to PTX10000 is the transient alarm, which gets set when this condition occurs. The alarm clears later because the source FPC is being offlined. Apr 09 10:31:24 [TRACE] [asta] Apr 9 10:19:59 asta fpc4 Error (0x210613), module: PE Chip, type: Apr 09 10:31:24 [TRACE] [asta] Apr 9 10:19:59 asta fpc4 Cmerror Op Set: PE Chip: PE1[1]: FO:core intr: 0x00000010: Grant spray drop due to unspray-able condition error Apr 09 10:31:24 [TRACE] [asta] Apr 9 10:19:59 asta fpc4 Error (0x210614), module: PE Chip, type: Apr 09 10:31:24 [TRACE] [asta] Apr 9 10:19:59 asta fpc4 Cmerror Op Set: PE Chip: PE1[1]: FO:core intr: 0x00000008: Request spray drop due to unspray-able condition error. PR1268678

  • Sometimes l2cpd core files are generated when LLDP neighbors are cleared. PR1270180

  • With non-enhanced mode, traffic loss is seen on v4 static-lsp with stitch operation not working on PTX Series with paradise. PR1290942

Platform and Infrastructure

  • In scaled FIB setups, IS-IS graceful-restart might abort on the restarting node with T3-timer expiry log, because of hold-time expiry on IS-IS GR-helper peers. May 20 01:22:55.992972 T3 Restart timer expired (graceful restart aborted) This occurs because of the time taken by the routing protocol process (rpd) to learn routes from FIB on RPD-Startup that were installed by previous instance of the rpd. IS-IS does not get to initialize and send hellos because of this delay, causing holdtimer-expiry at helpers. {master}[edit] user@router# run show route forwarding-table summary | match user May 20 03:07:26 user: 801650 routes user: 403638 routes user: 6 routes. PR1277933

Routing Protocols

  • A few Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) sessions are flapping while coming up after FPC restart or reboot. This does not impact the system, because the flap is seen during the bring-up phase. This occurs because of a race condition in PPMAN code. PR1274941