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Resolved Issues


This section lists the issues fixed in the Junos OS main release and the maintenance releases.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

Resolved Issues: 17.2R2

Class of Service (CoS)

  • The Routing Engine level scheduler-hierarchy command misses a forwarding class when the per-unit-scheduler mode is configured. PR1281523

Forwarding and Sampling

  • Aggregated Ethernet interface might move to "down" state after GRES. PR1233188

  • Packet Forwarding Engine mac-learning debug logs are displayed as error logs. PR1267684

  • Unexpected error messages might be seen in logs. PR1270686

  • The sampled process stops collecting data on Routing Engine based sampling supported platforms. PR1270723

  • Firewall filter might not be matched when wildcard (*.*) is specified as matching condition. PR1274507

  • Routing-instances information is not being displayed in the flat accounting file. PR1275225

  • Unicast traffic is forwarded out of the logical interface even after the interface is disabled. PR1277697

  • The sampled route reflector (srrd) process might crash in the large routes churn situation. PR1284918

  • The sampled process might crash if traceoptions are enabled. PR1289530

General Routing

  • ICMP reply traffic might get dropped on MS-MPC line cards. PR1059940

  • With l2tp subscribers, after every subscriber's login attempt, all FPCs except the card that hosts subscribers might report the following log message jnh_if_get_input_feature_list(9723): Could not find ifl state. PR1140527

  • The FPC might reboot and the error message Readback error from I2C slave might be displayed. PR1174001

  • Port block efficiency and unique pool users statistics show incorrect values respectively in the NAT pool, which is being used by the sessions. This issue occurs when adding an address into the NAT pool. Both NAT pools are used in the same service set. PR1177244

  • The CLI command request vmhost zeroize or request vmhost zeroize both might work only on the local Routing Engine. PR1197152

  • The rpd might crash in the backup Routing Engine after a Routing Engine switchover in an MX Series subscriber environment. PR1206804

  • IPsec phase2 soft lifetime calculation is different between Junos OS Release 11.4R12 and Junos OS Release 14.2R6. PR1209883

  • Continuous error messages pdb_open failure for Routing Engine scope MQTT broker are observed. PR1224705

  • CoS service with reflexive cos-rule should modify CoS values for reverse flow. PR1227021

  • MPC2E-NG and MPC3E-NG generate a core file with specific MIC because of tight loop of PIC Express critical exceptions. PR1231167

  • Major errors related to XQ-chip L4NP parity errors might be reported on MPC. PR1232952

  • With vLNS (vBNG), a commit generates the message warning: requires 'l2tp-inline-lns' license even if a valid license is installed. PR1235697

  • Junos Telemetry Interface: Frequent disconnects are seen with the MQTT messaging protocol when the logical interface sensor is provisioned for a longer duration. PR1238803

  • MPC9E might generate an FPC core file when running Junos OS Release 16.1R2.11 if it is configured with "mixed-rate AE bundles" and "adaptive load balancing". PR1238964

  • Half of the Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) subscribers experience keepalive failure on PICs with aggregated Ethernet anchors. PR1240365

  • ANCP neighbors might stream down after commit. PR1243164

  • XM chip-based line card might drop traffic under high temperature. PR1244375

  • A route target per bridge domain for EVPN is not supported. PR1244956

  • Sensors are not reused when the subscriptions have uncommon paths. PR1245902

  • RADIUS accounting statistics of subscribers are doubled after unified ISSU. PR1250919

  • On MX2000 MPC6E, EOAM LFM adjacency flaps when an unrelated MIC accommodated in the same MPC6E slot is online. PR1253102

  • Na-grpcd might crash if openconfig is used for telemetry interface. PR1254794

  • Device control process (dcd) crashes during the ATM-related configuration commit. PR1258744

  • The syslog message HEAP: Free at interrupt level /Free interrupt violation! is displayed when interface drops on TRI-RATE SFP-T on MIC-3D-20GE-SFP-E. PR1259757

  • Incorrect egress classification of L3 multicast traffic from ingress VLAN bridge interface after a configuration change. PR1260413

  • Layer 2 control BUS timeout causes SFP thread hogging and an MPC restart. PR1260517

  • On an MX Series platform with an MPC line card, an MPC line card goes offline during a unified ISSU. PR1260714

  • Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) subscribers might not come up while verifying that IPCP renegotiation happens properly for terminated PPPoE subscribers. PR1260836

  • With QSFP optics, Rx loss cleared and set critical messages are logged continuously. PR1261793

  • Extra link transitions might be seen after restarting MPC. PR1264039

  • BGP hold time might be expired after a GRES or NSR switchover. PR1264436

  • Sometimes SDN-Telemetry subsystem does not respond to management requests while issuing show agent sensors. PR1266058

  • Unified ISSU related limitation is observed under highly scaled scenarios. PR1267680

  • The openflowd process might get stuck because of 100% CPU memory corruption while deleting and querying the filter. PR1268527

  • The command show arp interface xe-x/x/x no-resolve | display xml returns XNM errors. PR1269170

  • MIC error interrupts are more than the threshold (> 2500 per 5 min), so the MIC or FPC is restarted. As a result, MIC error interrupts will hog the CPU when the restart is initiated. PR1270420

  • The multicast blackhole might be seen when the aggregated Ethernet interface flaps with MoFRR enabled. PR1270939

  • When MX Series routers are equipped with a next-generation Routing Engine, the log message sdk-vmmd: %USER-3: is_platform_Next-Gen RE: Platform found as Next-Gen RE is displayed with error severity. PR1271134

  • The Routing Engine might stop all services after GRES or ISSU. PR1271306

  • Packet Forwarding Engine drops BUM traffic coming from remote PE EVPN instance. PR1272384

  • Virtual forwarding plane failed to load files from virtual control plane if the interconnection has an MTU less than 1500. PR1273365

  • The mspm and log messages about memory zone level are generated incorrectly. PR1273901

  • The l2ald process might crash in an EVPN scenario. PR1274113

  • L2-over-GRE tunnel might use underlying physical interface MTU directly without deducting IP/GRE header length. PR1274203

  • CLI commands fail to execute show subscribers detail, show subscribers extensive, show subscribers count client-type <> and other commands as subscriber management database is unavailable. PR1274464

  • FPC/MPC might crash in EVPN/MPLS or EVPN/VXLAN environment. PR1274976

  • FPC generates a core file when route record with an unknown AS index is received. PR1275021

  • Link stays down after a flap on MPC NG cards with QSFP+-40G direct attach copper (DAC). PR1275446

  • Fixed the default behavior of the configuration statement added for static route's dependency on BFD_ADMIN_DOWN, through PR 1070477. PR1275973

  • Routing Engine based captive-portal-content-delivery (CPCD) does not work in vMX or MX86. PR1276016

  • For MPC7E-10G, MPC7E-MRATE, MX2K-MPC8E, and MX2K-MPC9E complete traffic loss is observed when CRC errors are injected on a single plane. PR1276301

  • Junos OS does not use the complete TCP window size and slows the connection when JET application over GRPC is installed on Junos OS. PR1276443

  • On an MX Series platform with MS-MPC or MS-MIC installed, the service PIC daemon (spd) memory leak might be observed after adding or removing a service-set statement. PR1276809

  • Layer 2 control BUS stuck causes SFP+ thread hogging and restarting of MPC. PR1277467

  • MTU configuration option for virtual tunnel interfaces will be removed. PR1277600

  • IS-IS adjacencies over MLPPP links do not connect to the LSQ bundle interface. PR1278377

  • The routing protocol process (rpd) might get stuck 100% when the same BGP prefix routes are learned in different routing instances with multipath and auto-export configured. PR1279260

  • VLAN out-of-band subscriber session fails when it is autoconfigured. This is because the physical interface goes down even if it is physically up. PR1279612

  • When an MS-MPC-PIC is brought offline or online or bounced (because of an AMS configuration change), occasionally, PIC can take approximately 400 seconds to initiate. PR1280336

  • Authenticated subscriber dynamic VLAN interface might get disconnected immediately after successful connection. PR1280990

  • MTU for a Layer 2 over GRE gr- interface should be unlimited. PR1281173

  • The ingress service-accounting-deferred for L2BSA subscribers are not providing the correct IP traffic statistics. PR1281201

  • Establishment of IPsec SAs for link type tunnels might fail under certain conditions. PR1281223

  • DHCP/PPPoE subscribers fail to bind after FPC restart and smgd restart with BBE_RTSOCK_GET_RTSOCK_IFL_FAIL_TERMINATED counter going up. PR1281930

  • Optics levels are not sent in Junos Telemetry interface for down interfaces. PR1281943

  • Buffer overflow in sockets library (CVE-2017-2344). PR1282562

  • Inline J-Flow unrelated configuration changes related to a routing-instance results in invalid or incomplete J-Flow data packets. Commit-full resumes proper functionality. PR1282580

  • Variable based flows (VBF) are not programed appropriately on aggregated Ethernet interfaces. PR1282999

  • OAM fails to come up when GRE tunnel source and family inet address are the same. PR1283646

  • When the service-set has both NAT rule and Stateful-Firewall rule configured but a source IP address could not be matched with any NAT rule, but could be matched with Stateful-Firewall rule, the PPTP session from this source IP address might not be able to be established successfully. PR1285207

  • The J-Flow data template sequence number is zero for MPLS flows. PR1285975

  • Unified ISSU is not supported from Junos OS Release 15.1 or later when source release includes one or more BBE features such as logical interface options, CoS fragmentation map, MLPPP, advisory options, advanced services, and multicast distribution. PR1286507

  • The routing protocol process (rpd) crashes during subscriber login or logout with multicast service enabled and while performing GRES switchover. PR1286653

  • A10NSP interface is not getting attached to the Layer 2 routing instance after renaming the routing instance name. PR1287070

  • The routing protocol process (rpd) might generate a core file after changing the routing-options dynamic-tunnels configuration. PR1287109

  • LTS functionality does not work on Junos OS Release 16.1R4-S2 if rewrite-rule configuration is applied to the dynamic profile. PR1287788

  • SNMP query for IF-MIB::ifOutQLen reports incorrect type should be Gauge32 or Unsigned32 for a dynamic VLAN demux0 interface. PR1287852

  • The services-oids-ev-policy.slax & services-oids.slax files built in the Junos OS image does not have the latest versions. PR1287894

  • The bbe-smgd process might crash generating a core file on standby Routing Engine during a reboot upgrade with active locally terminated PPPoE subscribers. PR1288121

  • The smg-service process might generate a core file in the backup with a distributed IGMP configuration. PR1288465

  • Kernel "rtdata" memory might leak on an MX Series Virtual Chassis with heartbeat enabled. PR1289363

  • The FPC memory leak might happen in a BBE subscriber environment. PR1289365

  • Memory leak is observed in a bbe-smgd process (daemon) when the subscriber logs out of the multicast group. PR1290918

  • BBE-SMGD generates a core file following a stress test in bbe_iff_add_ifa. PR1291969

  • An error in vbf_filter_add_orphan_check might be seen when the subscribers use filter to log out or log in. PR1292582

  • The syslog DDR3 TEMP ALARM messages are logged in chassisd log. PR1293543

  • Login or logout core file is generated using Routing Engine based http-redirect. PR1293553

  • The show extensible-subscriber-services sessions reports an incorrect timestamp increase by one hour after a unified ISSU. PR1293800

  • Unable to edit dynamic profiles after scaling up to 400 dynamic profiles. PR1295446

  • The bbe-smgd process generates a core file at bbe_mcast_ifl_vbf_encoder on service activation or deactivation along with smg-service restarts. PR1295938

  • Routing Engine crashes generating a core file after a loop in rts_gencfg_ifstate_getparent. PR1296884

  • A memory leak is seen when set protocols mld XXX stanza is changed and committed. PR1297454

  • The bbe-smgd process crashes when traceoption is enabled due to an invalid username character. PR1298667

High Availability (HA) and Resiliency

  • The vmcore files were generated on both VCMm and VCBm at the same time. PR1274438


  • The smartd Offline uncorrectable sectors critical log keep reporting every 30 minutes. PR1233992

  • The show system users CLI command output displays more users who are not using the router. PR1247546

Interfaces and Chassis

  • IPv6 Neighbor Discovery does not work for DHCPv6 sessions when using static demux VLAN with router advertisement. PR1250313

  • At a high logical interface scale, an ifinfo process (daemon) generates a core file on executing command <show-interface>. PR1254189

  • The MRU of aggregated Ethernet interface might reset to default value. PR1261423

  • When adding an additional Data field in a PPP Echo Request packet, keepalive failure might be seen that might disconnect the subscriber. PR1273083

  • The message dot1agCfmMepHighestPrDefect might be reported in the SNMP trap with a value of -1 instead of 0 on recovery after a remote defect indication (RDI). PR1273278

  • The line card hosting an Ethernet OAM LFM session might reboot during a unified ISSU. PR1283280

  • No L2TP sessions come up on some si- interfaces after an MPC restart followed by a Routing Engine switchover. PR1290562

  • A VRRP track interface down did not trigger a mastership election immediately. PR1294417

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • The show class-of-service fabric statistics CLI command might fail with a periodic Error = Operation timed out message. PR1228293

  • The IPv4 or IPv6 packets originating from a Routing Engine might be corrupted when the bridge domain has 'vlan-id' set to none, but the outgoing L2 interface for the packet is tagged and CoS is enabled. PR1263590

  • DHCP is not using the configured IRB MAC as the source MAC in DHCP offer unicast replies. PR1272618

  • The messages l2cpd[2486]: task_connect: task MVRP l2ald ipc./var/run/l2ald_control addr /var/run/l2ald_control: No such file or directory are filling up the syslog. PR1278189

Layer 2 Features

  • In a scaling VPLS scenario, convergence time is taking more than 10 minutes. PR1279192

  • A misconfiguration that adds an aggregated Ethernet (AE) bundle and its member link to a VPLS instance might cause 100% routing protocol process (rpd) utilization. PR1280979


  • RSVP p2mp sub-LSPs having more than 1 sub-LSP in down state might not get re-optimized after transit path goes down. PR1174679

  • Traffic loss is seen during an auto-BW make-before-break (MBB) on an ingress router as "invalid fabric token". PR1264089

  • When "explicit-null" is configured for LDP, label 0 is assigned as IPv6 explicit null label. PR1264753

  • The routing protocol process (rpd) might crash if egress-policy is configured in LDP. PR1266358

  • Remote targeted LDP session might remain up even though it should not be up. PR1266802

  • Traffic loss will be observed when primary LSP goes down in an LDP-over-RSVP environment. PR1270877

  • JDI-RCT-RPD rpd core@ bgp_labeled_l2vpn_standby_outmetrics , bgp_rt_ribout_rcv_nlri: This core file might be generated for subscribers who have configured BGP family L2VPN in Junos OS Release 17.2R1. PR1271704

  • The CLI command show route extensive might cause routing protocol process (rpd) to crash. PR1272993

  • RPD core: Assertion failed rpd[6255]: file src/junos/usr.sbin/rpd/rsvp/rsvp_enh_lp.c", line 4928: "rsvp_enh_lp_supported_psb_type(psb). PR1276748

  • The routing protocol process (rpd) crashes due to LDP defect during NSR-enabled Routing Engine switchover. PR1290789

  • The routing protocol process (rpd) crashes if MPLS LSP path change occurs. PR1295817

Network Management and Monitoring

  • Command ESC-Q does not work when the syslog is disabled. The syslog message is still seen even if it is disabled by ESC-Q. PR1269274

  • MIB2D related syslog message MIB2D_RTSLIB_READ_FAILURE: rtslib_iflm_snmp_pointchange is seen during removing and restoring configurations. PR1279488

  • On Junos OS devices with SNMP enabled, a network-based attacker with unfiltered access to the Routing Engine can cause the Junos OS snmpd process (daemon) to crash and restart by sending a crafted SNMP packet. Repeated crashes of the snmpd daemon can result in a partial denial-of-service condition. Additionally, it may be possible to craft a malicious SNMP packet in a way that can result in remote code execution. PR1282772

  • The Management Information Base II process (mib2d) is logging an "RLIMIT curr 1048576000 max 1048576000" message every time a commit is performed, which might confuse the operator into believing that the memory limit of 1GB has been reached. PR1286025

  • If a logical interface of a loopback interface (lo0) is deleted, it will not be deleted in the ifStack tree. It might result in a mib2d crash when polling the object identifier (OID) of ifStackStatus.0. PR1286351

Platform and Infrastructure

  • Traffic drop might occur under a large-scale of firewall filter configuration. PR1093275

  • Kernel might crash on issuing show arp or clear arp if there is an IPv4 address. PR1120114

  • FPC crashes with MAC accounting feature enabled. PR1173530

  • FPC CPU spikes every 6 minutes on MX Series with an MPC or MIC chipset due to a microcode rebalance. PR1207532

  • With a commit script configured, the mgd process might crash when you configure anything in private configuration mode. PR1244015

  • One of the processes (dcd, rpd, dfwd, pfed, cosd, sampled) might generate a core file in a large-scale 8K ESSM login or logout with an ephemeral database. PR1249979

  • GRE tunnel traffic gets dropped after disabling and reenabling the gr-interface. PR1255706

  • show ephemeral-configuration has configuration though there are no active client connections. PR1260124

  • Error message rnh_iff_delete_nh: no pat-node might be seen when the subscriber logs out. PR1263983

  • FPC might crash with interface-specific firewall filters with policers configured. PR1267908

  • The routing protocol process (rpd) might crash and BGP session flapping might be seen if flapping interfaces or changing configurations. PR1269116

  • Dropping the TCP RST packet incorrectly on Packet Forwarding Engine might cause a traffic drop. PR1269202

  • FPC generates a core file when you are trying to send igmp-membership reports to 16000 subscribers. PR1270928

  • The queued statistics of interface are not correct in CoS scenario on MX Series platform. PR1271055

  • The real-time performance monitoring (RPM) loss percentage values for "overall tests" through SNMP might be incorrect. This is because the RPM probe loss percentage is stored as a 32-bit integer internally but the calculation can exceed a 32-bit boundary, which might lead to a rounding error. PR1272566

  • Ephemeral database configurations are not getting mirrored to the backup Routing Engine. PR1279653

  • request routing-engine login other-routing-engine might require a password. PR1283430

  • Incorrect load-balancing occurs for traffic going from MS-DPC to MPC cards. PR1287086

  • Log messages are getting triggered when any non-superuser or non-root user tries to telnet into the router. // rend_dlinit: not a proper library: /usr/lib/render/ Cannot open "/usr/lib/render/" // . PR1289974

  • The source MAC learned from cross-Packet Forwarding Engine aggregated Ethernet (AE) might bounce between aggregated Ethernet member Packet Forwarding Engines for a long time and might cause MLP-ADD storm. PR1290516

  • RMOPD might get stuck at sbwait upon receiving a specific response from HTTP agent. PR1292151

  • The Broadband Remote Access Server and carrier grade NAT features running on the same MX Series device might trigger transient flow-control asserted by XLP MAC after upgrading the MX Series routers to Junos OS Release 16.1. PR1293232

Routing Protocols

  • No multicast forwarding in ASM mode after a unified ISSU. PR1146621

  • The routing protocol process (rpd) might crash on platforms with 64-bit X86 Routing Engine if IPv6 is configured. PR1224376

  • Routing protocol process (rpd) on the backup Routing Engine might restart unexpectedly upon the addition of a new L2VPN routing instance. PR1233514

  • Need support for conflict resolution. At times, the same SID might be sent for multiple prefixes, which might cause issues. PR1239093

  • The routing protocol process (rpd) core file might be seen in an MVPN scenario. PR1240565

  • There might be a stale bootstrap rendezvous point (RP) entry in a bootstrap router RP table after deleting static RP configuration from another router. PR1241835

  • When advertise-from-main-vpn-tables configuration statement is used under BGP and the router-reflector functionality is added, a refresh message is not sent resulting in some missing routes. PR1254066

  • BGP-LU label might go into "dead" state in forwarding table after the MPLS address family on the next-hop interface is removed and re-added. PR1262180

  • MPLS over UDP tunnel creation failure in the absence of a VRF table. PR1270955

  • "Nexthop AFI=3" is observed in a BGP open message after configuring family inet unicast extended-nexthop. PR1272807

  • The BFD down for BGP might cause traffic black holing for customer traffic. PR1276497

  • Error messages are seen when receiving BGP update messages with UNREACH NLRI. PR1276758

  • IS-IS LSPs might be dropped in interop with Cisco in a segment routing (SR) scenario. PR1280522

  • The routing protocol process (rpd) might crash due to a certain chain of events in BGP-LU protection scenario. PR1282672

  • The second multicast packet might be discarded on rendezvous point router. PR1282848

  • The routing protocol process (rpd) might crash while deactivating in a routing instance [protocols pim static]. PR1284760

  • The routing protocol process (rpd) might crash if dynamic Routing Protocol goes down in ECMP topology and also if PIM join-load-balance automatic is configured. PR1288316

  • BGP-RR sends full route updates to its RR-Clients when any family MPLS interface gets bounced because of any fiber cut or manual events causing high CPU spike. PR1291079

  • The routing protocol process (rpd) might crash if BGP flap happens. PR1295062

Services Applications

  • L2TP congestion window set to 128 instead of 1 when tunnel is created. PR1265001

  • DTCP non-optimized trigger attributes can delay mirrored traffic forwarding in scaled environments. PR1269770

  • Kernel crash might be seen after performing the CLI command commit. PR1273357

  • Lawful intercept: ingress control packets from the subscriber are mirrored to the mediation device twice. PR1275592

  • Backup Routing Engine goes to the database prompt with a vmcore if the down ASI interface configuration is deleted. PR1281882

  • Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) subscribers are down after a GRES while verifying framed IPv6 route support for L2TP network server (LNS) at a higher scale with a maximum number of Framed-IPv6-Route. PR1293783

  • Each subscriber session gets its own L2TP tunnel without "Tunnel-Client-Endpoint" from RADIUS. PR1293927

Subscriber Access Management

  • Option to exclude tunnel attributes in access-request on L2TP network server (LNS). PR1264024

  • Possible CPS degradation for scaled DHCPv4 or DHCPv6 and PPPoEv4 subscribers. PR1264052

  • Accounting messages are sent with the wrong Event-Timestamp to RADIUS. PR1270162

  • The DHCP subscriber might not get an IP address when the address pool is tight. PR1274870

  • bbe-smgd might spontaneously crash after bbe-smgd deamon restarts from CLI. PR1277099

  • Some RADIUS attributes might not be filtered out of the accounting-on or accounting-off message on an MX Series platform. PR1279533

  • IP assigned by RADIUS is incorrectly counted by local pool after a Virtual Chassis switchover. PR1286609

  • An authd core file is observed while terminating a large number of subscribers. PR1289215

User Interface and Configuration

  • commitd might generate a core file by removing certain configuration followed by a commit operation. PR1267433


  • The routing protocol process (rpd) crashes after an L2VPN configuration change followed by "ping mpls l2vpn". PR1272612

  • Memory leak in RPD task_timer, timer 'PIM MVPN Alt KAT Timer'. PR1276041

Resolved Issues: 17.2R1

Class of Service (CoS)

  • The cosd process might crash when you execute the command show class-of-service queue-consumption. PR1066009

Forwarding and Sampling

  • Aggregated Ethernet interface might get into "down" state after GRES. PR1233188

  • For certain subscriber types entry in the statistics database is not cleaned up on logout. PR1251756

  • Accounting interim interval is reset after GRES. PR1261472

  • Service statistics are reported in the wrong order. PR1262876

General Routing

  • The jsscd might crash in a scaled environment. PR1133780

  • When the traffic matches a rule name with junos:rdp, the LRF record has the PCC rule name any-any. PR1174938

  • On MX Series routers, the MS-MIC line card might crash and restore automatically. PR1183828

  • The CPU of processes might get nearly 100% occupied. When SDN-telemetry (the agentd process) is disabled or continuously restarted, certain messages are repeatedly logged in syslog. The agentd process is unable to accept the new subscriptions. As a result, all subscriptions are dropped, triggering agentd to restart several times. PR1192366

  • Error messages are reported during unified ISSU on MX Series routers. PR1200045

  • The command show subscribers summary port extensive outputs might have an incorrect tunneled or terminated sessions count. PR1206208

  • Unified ISSU is not supported on MX2008. PR1213193

  • An MS-MPC or MS-MIC service PIC might crash when passing large fragmented traffic through an ALG. PR1214134

  • Syslog message fpc_pic_process_pic_power_off_config:[xxxx] :No FPC in slot [y] is incorrectly displayed on an empty FPC slot with no PIC power off configured. PR1216126

  • MPC might crash during unified ISSU from Junos OS Release 15.1R1 to a later release when QSFP, CXP, or CFP2 optics are present. PR1216924

  • Continuous login and logout of PPPoE/DHCP subscribers might cause some subscribers to fail to bind. PR1221690

  • The MX2008 BITS clock module's LED behavior is inconsistent with other platforms. PR1222041

  • The early/opDel: bad stored heap messages seen on sending traffic using captive-portal-content-delivery service do not have any affect on functionality. PR1226782

  • MX2008 chassisd process might consume more CPU cycles than the chassisd process running on MX2010 or MX2020. PR1231333

  • Junos Telemetry Interface: Frequent disconnects are seen in MQTT when the logical interface sensor is provisioned for a longer duration. PR1238803

  • BBE CST MX Series Virtual Chassis: Half of PPPoE subscribers KeepAlive failure on WIndsurf PIC1, if aggregated Ethernet anchors on PIC1. PR1240365

  • ANCP neighbors go down after a commit. PR1243164

  • The ms90 kernel: kern.maxfiles limit exceeded by uid 0, please see tuning(7) message is seen after injecting more than 2M routes. PR1243581

  • Route target per bridge domain for EVPN is not supported. PR1244956

  • Sensors are not reused when the subscriptions have non-common paths. PR1245902

  • GNF console hangs after some idle time. PR1250726

  • The rpd might crash when some interfaces and some peers go down. PR1250978

  • KRT queue gets stuck on the Routing Engine, causing RIB and FIB to go out of synchronization. PR1251556

  • Output of show ancp subscriber detail might omit certain TLVs. PR1252747

  • Junos OS Release 17.2DCB: High 1PPS phase-transient is seen on physical layer SyncE rearrangements. PR1253083

  • An interoperability is seen between MX Series MPC3E-NG and MS Series MPC2E-NG line cards when connected to third party switch. PR1254795

  • Incorrect data in the output of show subscribers extensive . PR1255029

  • Riot (vPFE) process might generate a core file in vMX platform when a lot of subscribers log in or log out when there are a large number of flows (>500K). PR1255866

  • Traffic drop seen on MPC7E cards after rekeying of MACsec. PR1257041

  • The CLI command show vpls mac-table does not display all MAC addresses for L2BSA subscribers. PR1257605

  • Unable to run show subscribers extensive and some other CLI commands after GRES because subscriber-management database is unavailable. PR1258238

  • DCD process crashes during the ATM-related configuration commit. PR1258744

  • Subscriber management (bbe-smgd) process might crash and generate a core file during Routing Engine mastership switchover. PR1258817

  • When using an AMS interface and running the show interfaces extensive command, the subinterfaces will show only 0 for the packet counters. PR1258946

  • Junos Telemetry Interface reporting interval has a skew. PR1259224

  • QSFPP-40GBASE-LR4 might remain down after fiber link flap. PR1259930

  • Incorrect egress classification of L3 multicast traffic from ingress VLAN bridge interface after configuration change. PR1260413

  • I2C BUS timeout causes SFP thread hogging and MPC restart. PR1260517

  • A Packet Forwarding Engine saves only the first multicast IPv4 packet when waiting for a resolve request. PR1260729

  • In MX Series BNG subscriber management environment, there could be a slight deviation in the dynamic profile service accounting statistics when the subscriber session terminates abruptly. PR1260898

  • During multicast activation of dynamic subscribers through a service profile, the bbe-smgd process in the backup Routing Engine could sometimes crash. PR1261285

  • GRPC physical interfaces *-pkts fields zero suppressed by its own counter. PR1261589

  • The show auto-configuration CLI command was mistakenly hidden in Junos OS 15.1 and later releases. PR1262139

  • The dynamic VLAN is removed after 30 seconds if there are no subscribers on it and remove-when-no-subscribers is set regardless of its idle-timeout value for the dynamic VLAN. PR1262157

  • Unified ISSU with subscriber-management is enabled. PR1262877

  • ICMP network unreachable message is not sent back when the subscriber is terminated in a routing instance.PR1263094

  • CoS service profile without line rate adjust needs to use "adjust-always" for proper revert behavior. PR1263337

  • After JSD (JET service process) restart, the process is up but it is not listening on any port. PR1263748

  • The smg-service subsystem is not responding to management requests. PR1264038

  • Authd reports pdb_get_all_profiles_from_db: Populate full profile tree failed, err:261, and subscribers are unable to connect at the higher number of configured dynamic profiles. PR1264629

  • With the Ethernet frames with more than 2000 bytes of payload, the mspmand process might crash. PR1264712

  • MX Series LAC does not send packets in the l2tp tunnel for some static PPP subscribers. PR1265414

  • PRPD/JET API: BgpRouteMonitorRegister() might not send end-of-rib operation. PR1265427

  • LLDP neighbor ID is captured incorrectly in streaming telemetry output. PR1265705

  • Sometimes the SDN-telemetry subsystem is not responding to management requests while issuing show agent sensors. PR1266058

  • BNG accepts IGMPv3/MLDv2 membership reports sent to non-standard multicast addresses. PR1266309

  • Unified ISSU failure might be seen with Junos OS Release 16.1R4-S1. PR1266317

  • ARP requests are hitting AE_RESERVED_IFL_UNIT (AEx.32767) when VSTP is enabled on a double-tagged aggregated Ethernet logical interface. PR1267238

  • The bbe-smgd process generates a core file during subscriber login or logout on the backup Routing Engine under certain boundary conditions. PR1267646

  • The CLI configuration command set chassis effective-shaping-rate is enabled for the MX104. PR1267829

  • ANCP Port Up message triggers RADIUS AccessRequest even when a PPP session is established. PR1267960

  • The message HALP-lbnh_xlate_cntr_db_get_stats:250counter id 1573873: Unable to find lbnh xlate counter is flooding the syslog. PR1268452

  • Router MAC extended community does not use standardized value. PR1269236

  • The Routing Engine might stop all services after GRES or unified ISSU. PR1271306


  • The smartd Offline uncorrectable sectors critical logs keep reporting every 30 minutes. PR1233992

  • A ksyncd crash might be seen on the backup Routing Engine due to stale next hops on the master Routing Engine. PR1250880

  • Legacy Junos OS kernel might generate a core file on userland_sysctl / sysctl_root / sysctl_kern_proc_env / panic_on_watchdog_timeout. PR1254742

  • Device reboots due to watchdog timeout. PR1259616

  • Zero suppression does not work for internal interfaces. PR1260036

Interfaces and Chassis

  • T3 interface might not come up due to incorrect subrate. PR1238395

  • The cfmd might crash when CFM filter refers to a firewall policy. PR1246822

  • For CFM over aggregated Ethernet, incorrect Anchor FPC is selected. PR1258490

  • SNMP SET fails when the FPC slot or PIC/port has a value greater than 9. PR1259155

  • Jpppd might crash when traceoptions is enabled under PPPoE. PR1264000

  • On MX Series Virtual Chassis this message is seen: CHASSISD_IPC_WRITE_ERR_NULL_ARGS: FRU has no connection arguments fru_send_msg Global FPC 0. PR1264647

  • Malformed PPP echo reply causes keepalive failure. PR1273083

  • The message dot1agCfmMepHighestPrDefect might be reported in the SNMP trap with the value of -1 instead of 0 on recovery after RDI. PR1273278

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • The show class-of-service fabric statistics CLI command might fail with periodic Error = Operation timed out message. PR1228293

  • An MX Series router with MPC/FPC line card might go offline during FRU upgrade phase of unified ISSU. PR1256940

  • The DHCP client key identifier mismatch due to DHCPv4 Option 82 Suboption 9 change during the release time. PR1257701

  • Eliminate the impact of DHCPv6 renegotiation lockout timer for DHCP solicit with rapid commit options. PR1263156

Layer 2 Features

  • In a scaling VPLS scenario, convergence time takes more than 10 minutes. PR1279192


  • When the configured metric for one of the LSPs used in ECMP is removed, other LSPs with configured metric might not honor the configured metric value. PR1261961

  • Traffic loss is seen during auto-BW MBB on ingress router as "invalid fabric token". PR1264089

  • TE++ container LSP statistics are showing the same 10 LSPs and looping. PR1267774

  • The core file might be generated for customers who have configured BGP family L2VPN in Junos OS Release 17.2R1. JDI-RCT-RPD rpd core@ bgp_labeled_l2vpn_standby_outmetrics , bgp_rt_ribout_rcv_nlri:. PR1271704

Network Management and Monitoring

  • The eventd process stops sending syslog messages to a configured syslog server. PR1246712

  • SNMPv3 trap does not contain routing instance information in contextName field. PR1265288

Platform and Infrastructure

  • NPC generated a core file. This type of NPC core file might be observed with a dynamic configuration change to the policer. The processing time in attempting to update all associated policers was exceeded. PR1071040

  • Change the default CMERROR actions for the Major Error on MX Series platforms. PR1186421

  • The routing protocol process (rpd) might crash when the ephemeral database is enabled. PR1214298

  • MX Series with MPC or FPC line cards report LUCHIP EDMEM errors during unified ISSU. PR1249395

  • One of the processes (dcd, rpd, dfwd, pfed, cosd, sampled) might generate a core file in large-scale 8000 ESSM login or logout with an ephemeral database. PR1249979

  • The auditd might crash when RADIUS accounting is configured but the RADIUS accounting server is not reachable. PR1250525

  • The bbe-smgd process might crash if you are running a PPPoE login or logout with IGMP distributed enabled. PR1253036

  • After switchover, KRT queue might get stuck on the new master Routing Engine with the error ENOENT -- Item not found. PR1254980

  • FPC might crash and generate a core file during unified ISSU because memory is not properly recycled. PR1258795

  • A mismatching in/out pps value is shown with show pfe statistics traffic detail. PR1259427

  • The routed traffic going out through IRB/l2 interface with VXLAN-EVPN is getting dropped after l2 interface switch. PR1259551

  • DHCP/BOOTP reply packet for an unnumbered interface might trigger FUD process failure. PR1260623

  • WRED drops on one VLAN when the other VLAN is congested. PR1260951

  • DDRIF checksum error might lead to traffic blackhole. PR1260983

  • FPC might crash with interface-specific firewall filters with policers configured. PR1267908

  • The routing protocol process (rpd) might crash and BGP session flapping might be seen if the interfaces flap or configurations change quickly. PR1269116

Routing Protocols

  • Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP) source active (SA) messages are sent at irregular intervals. PR1257668

  • Routing protocol process (rpd) might restart unexpectedly with a reference to ioth_session_delete_internal ( ) routine. PR1261970

  • The rpd might crash if the IS-IS segment routing is configured but a certain interface is not configured with RSVP. PR1262612

  • MPLS label entry for direct route as BGP-LU route is permanently stuck in KRT queue when vrf-table-label is configured in CoC routing instance. PR1263291

  • When applying an import policy to a BGP neighbor, the rpd process might crash continuously. PR1265224

  • Nexthop AFI=3 is observed in BGP open message after configuring family inet unicast extended-nexthop. PR1272807

Services Applications

  • Traffic is dropped when changing the source address under a NAT rule term for basic NAT translation. PR1257801

  • The kmd process might crash after configuring certain IPsec configuration using the apply-groups method. PR1265404

Subscriber Access Management

  • Possible CPS degradation for scaled DHCP IPv4 or IPv6 and PPPoE IPv4 subscribers. PR1264052

  • An incorrect number of messages in the queue for the RADIUS server is shown in the output for show network-access aaa statistics radius detail. PR1267307

  • The CLI command show network-access requests pending count keeps increasing the network access requests pending count even if there are no pending authentication requests. PR1267702


  • The Routing protocol process (rpd) memory leak is observed in next-generation MVPN environments. PR1259579