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Resolved Issues


This section lists the issues fixed in the Junos OS main release and the maintenance releases.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

Resolved Issues: 17.1R2

Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) (RADIUS)

  • On an EX4300 switch or Virtual Chassis with 802.1X (dot1x) enabled, in a scenario with more than 254 clients (supplicants), plenty of clients might be going to the server-reject VLAN and have limited access to the server-reject VLAN although the clients have correct credentials. For a few authenticated clients, the authentication method might be displayed as "Server-Reject" although the client was authenticated in the correct VLAN---that is, the data VLAN. PR1251530

  • After configuration change with "commit", "dot1x" radius authentication request may not be sent out when having the "wait-for-acct-on-ack" configuration option within "access profile" PR1252456


  • If an EX9200 switch is configured as a PE router connected to a multihomed site in an EVPN/MPLS network, RPD core files might be created on the EX9200 when more than 255 logical interfaces from the same physical interface/ESI are added to the virtual switch instance configuration. Then some logical interfaces are removed from the ESI (that is, rollback of the configuration). PR1251473


  • On EX/QFX Series switches, if the switch was power cycled then some process (like jdhcp/lacp/lldpd...could be any other process) might stop working after rebooting. PR1222504

Interfaces and Chassis

  • MPC might crash during ISSU from Junos OS Release 15.1R1 to a later release when QSFP/CXP/CFP2 optics are present. PR1216924

Junos Fusion Enterprise

  • On a Junos Fusion Enterprise: SDPD core files might be seen while converting an EX2300 or EX3400 cluster from Junos OS to SNOS. PR1239915

  • On a Junos Fusion Enterprise, the EX4300 running Junos OS Release 17.1R2 cannot be added as a satellite. PR1267767

  • On a Junos Fusion Enterprise, restarting satellite-related daemons and L2 learning result in some MAC entries getting stuck in DLR state. PR1268619

Network Management and Monitoring

  • On EX9208 switches, after ISSU, storm control is taking effect only after deletion and re-creation. PR1151346

  • The following system error is logged: JAM: Plugin installed for %s PIC. PR1189100

  • After the reboot of the EX4600 Virtual Chassis, authentication of SNMPv3 users fails due to the change of the local engine ID. PR1256166

Platform and Infrastructure

  • On EX4300 switches, Layer 2 traffic is dropped in some cases. PR1157058

  • When a policer with the action of loss of priority is applied to the lo0 interface, all ICMP packets might be dropped. PR1243666

  • SFP+ might not be recognized after EX4300 reboot. PR1247172

  • On EX9200 switches, if ISSU is used to upgrade Junos, it is possible that an unnecessary thread will run on an FPC after the upgrade procedure. This thread can potentially enter into a loop and trigger a stop of forwarding traffic on that particular FPC. PR1249375

  • The egress PE device (EX4300) sends out LLDP frames toward the CE device with the destination MAC address of 01:00:0c:cd:cd:d0 which is a duplicated frame and rewritten by ingress (PE) device. PR1251391

  • On EX4300 switches, traffic is not forwarded through the GRE tunnel in some cases. PR1254638

  • After you deactivate IPv6 RA and commit the configuration, the feature is not deactivated. PR1257697

  • The filter applied to the lo0 interface with policer action might break the BGP session. PR1258038

  • On the EX4300-VC, FPC crash and PFEX core file might occur. PR1261852

Port Security

  • MACsec connections are deleted randomly in some scenarios. PR1234447

  • High CPU usage caused by fxpc can lead to MACsec session drops. PR1247479

  • After MACsec link flaps, traffic stops forwarding across the MACsec link. PR1269229

Routing Protocols

  • The BGP session might flap during ISSU, resulting in 40-50 seconds of dropped traffic. PR1247937

Spanning Tree Protocols

  • RSTP interface all edge with the BPDU block configures all interfaces to go into BPDU block even if an interface is explicitly disabled under RSTP. PR1266035

Subscriber Access Management

  • The authd process generates core files continuously during RADIUS authentication. PR1241326

System Management

  • On MX Series and EX9200 platforms, an enhancement for implementing sensor-specific temperature thresholds is needed. PR1199447

Virtual Chassis

  • When you add the EX4300 to the VCF, the following error message is seen: ?ch_opus_map_alarm_id alarm ignored: object 0x7e reason?. PR1234780

Resolved Issues: 17.1R1

Authentication and Access Control

  • A dot1xd core file is observed during CoA with Juniper-Switching-Filter. PR1219538

  • Security certificates are lost after reboot or upgrade, and the following error is seen: Unable to derive certificate from input . PR1237732


  • BGP sessions are dropped on the EX4300 when sending BGP host-inbound traffic. PR1090033

  • GRE counters are incrementing very slowly after deactivating and activating the gr- interface. PR1183521

  • DHCP return packets received across a GRE tunnel are not forwarded to clients. PR1226868

  • A timeout error occurs when using the request system snapshot slice alternate command. PR1229520

Interfaces and Chassis

  • MPC might crash during ISSU from Junos OS Release 15.1R1 to a later release when QSFP/CXP/CFP2 optics are present. PR1216924

  • Restarting the interface process causes traffic loss in aggregate Ethernet (ae) bundle in MC-LAG scenario. PR1229001

  • On QFX10000 switches with MC-LAG configured, CDP packets are looping to the other QFX10000 devices in the MC-LAG. PR1237227


  • Virtual Chassis/Virtual Chassis Fabric-l2ckt: FXPC core file is seen when deactivating core interface on MPLS l2ckt configuration using IRB interface. PR1242203

Platform and Infrastructure

  • Firewall filter is getting deleted when a new bind point is added. PR1214151

  • EBGP packets with ttl=1 and non-EBGP packets with ttl=1 go to the same queue on EX4300. PR1215863

  • The dcd process might crash with configuration of set vlans xxx interface all. PR1221803

  • Frame with CFI / DEI bit set to 1 dropped on ingress L3 interface on EX4300 in Junos OS Release 14.1X53-D40.8 PR1237945

  • EX4300: Too many interfaces after >request system zeroize in default configuration. PR1238848

  • Stale dot1x state leads to packet loss on trunk links if they are converted from access to trunk. PR1239252

  • Certain multicast traffic might cause network impact on EX4300 switch. PR1244351

  • EX4300 connectivity issue with 10/100M and full/half duplex interface. PR1249170

  • On Junos Fusion Enterprise, Power over Ethernet (PoE) telemetries do not work. PR1112953

  • Changes made in PoE configuration during SD Offline state are not getting reflected once the SD is back Online. PR1154486

  • On a Junos Fusion Enterprise, issues with ARP traffic might occur if the Junos Fusion topology exceeds the documented limit of 6,000 extended port interfaces. PR1186077

  • On EX3400 some of the IPV6 clients do not get bind if two dhcpv6 relays are present with VRRP between them. PR1189333

  • FF reject tcp-reset does not work on IRB interface. PR1219953

  • On a Junos Fusion Enterprise: SDPD core files might be seen while converting an EX2300 or EX3400 cluster from Junos OS to SNOS. PR1239915

  • Issue with the show command occurs in single supplicant mode captive portal. PR1240259

  • On EX3400 Virtual Chassis, RA guard-enabled Interface stays in Trusted mode even after the mark-interface trusted statement is deleted. PR1242937

  • On EX3400 Virtual Chassis, executing request access-security router-advertisement-guard-block interface and restart dhcp-service commands triggers the jdhcpd to generate a core file. PR1243147

  • On EX3400 Virtual Chassis, RA guard Policy discard does not discard the packet matching with policy-option. PR1244666

  • ELS Style -There is no command to enable DHCP snooping without having to enable other FHS features. PR1245559

Routing Protocols

  • Hops through GRE tunnel endpoints are seen in traceroute. PR1236343

Virtual Chassis

  • Repeated log message kernel: %KERN-5: tcp_timer_keep: Dropping socket connection due to keepalive timer expiration is seen on EX4300. PR1209847