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Resolved Issues


This section lists the issues fixed in the Junos OS main release and the maintenance releases.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

Resolved Issues: 17.1R2

General Routing

  • The routers equipped with NG-REs might raise memory size mismatch alarm after upgrade. PR1220061

  • User-configured TPID is not applying on a single-tagged VLAN interface. PR1237687

  • Junos Telemetry Interface: Frequent disconnects seen in MQTT when IFL sensor is provisioned for longer duration. PR1238803

  • Tx rate not gauranteed for an extreme case scheduler with traffic from multiple ingress Packet Forwarding Engines to a single egress Packet Forwarding Engine. PR1241291

  • Add set parameter to CLI request system software add command. PR1246675

  • "telemetry_start_polling_fd: evSelectFD failed, errno: 9" are continuously seen in log. PR1248813

  • cs605x_otu_defect_active: cs605x_get_otu_alarms failed. Messages are logged when only the first two ports are not configured on 4x100G OTN PIC. PR1250707

  • While processing lookup results, IRP block raises an interrupt upon detecting an error condition. The interrupt is active until the trap code error is read. Under certain conditions, software is not reading this trap code error upon IRP interrupt. This causes the following syslog messages:

    fpc5 INTR: throttle 60sec PECHIP[2]:pe.irp.intr.status:ap0_trap(0): (Count:1)

    fpc5 INTR: throttle 3630sec PECHIP[2]:pe.irp.intr.status:ap0_trap(0): (Count:3434)

    fpc5 INTR: throttle 3600sec PECHIP[2]:pe.irp.intr.status:ap0_trap(0): (Count:6841)


  • The following log message may be printed frequently during normal operation on backup Routing Engine of PTX5000 router when the Routing Engine type is RE-DUO-C2600. The message is cosmetic and does not indicate any service impact or Routing Engine mastership loss:

    /kernel: mastership: sent other Routing Engine mastership loss signal


  • On a PTX Series platform, if running interfaces on QSFP28 PIC in 10G mode, some of the interfaces on the QSFP28 PIC may not come up after a system reboot or PIC restart. PR1263413

  • This only affects only PTX5000 and PTX3000 platforms with Third-generation FPCs. Software periodically monitors voltages on the FPCs to check if they are within the proper range. This change adjusts the expected values for voltages on certain power rails of the FPCs. In rare cases it is possible that a marginal FPC was operating inside the older limits but outside the new limits, in which case a new chassis alarm will be raised for that FPC. PR1263675

  • In PTX routers equipped with Next Generation Routing Engine (RE-S-X6-64G, REMX2K-X8-64G, RE-PTX-X8-64G/CB2-PTX), the following log messages might be displayed as an error messages after a commit command is executed:

    sdk-vmmd: %USER-3: is_platform_rainier: Platform found as rainier


Interfaces and Chassis

  • Configuring ODU FRR related otn-options might crash the FPC without producing a core file. PR1038551

  • 5-port 100G DWDM PIC: Unsupported CFP is initialized even when part number is not valid. PR1174080


  • The RPD might crash while making static LSPs up. PR1084736

  • RPD crash in MPLS OAM environment. PR1233042

  • The LDP routes are not installing with matched L-ISIS routes in inet.3 route table. PR1248336

  • RPD core when rpd is terminating while there are a large number of RSVP LSPs. PR1257367

Platform and Infrastructure

  • The "rdd" process restarted in get_mview_root( ) during GRPC JVISION activation while chassis PFEs are coming up. PR1225086

  • mgd might crash after executing command show ephemeral-configuration | display inheritance. PR1258823

Resolved Issues: 17.1R1

Class of Service (CoS)

  • The error message cos_check_temporal_buffer_status might be observed when configuring hierarchical CoS with strict-high scheduling. PR1238719

General Routing

  • False login attempts might be seen on MPC7E/8E/9E for receiving noise. PR1234712

  • NGRE: Routing Engine switchover resulting when trying to connect to FPC through cty. PR1235761

  • PTX Series router might send wrong packets if MPLS LSPs have protection configured. PR1239634

  • 'oc-path' to be removed from prefix for IFD sensor (both FreeBSD 10.x-based Junos OS and FreeBSD 6.1-based Junos OS). PR1244658


  • Continuous kernel logs and LDP stats timeout error when executing show ldp traffic-statistics. PR1215452

Interfaces and Chassis

  • 5-port 100G DWDM PIC: chassisd logs are flooded with power related messages. PR1184415

  • ARP entry learned through Aggregated Ethernet interface does not expire when the ARP IP is no longer reachable. PR1211757

Routing Protocols

  • The rpd process might crash after performing BGP flapping. PR1222554

  • An rpd core file could be seen if MPLS goes down. PR1228388

  • Kernel crashes in the chassis after FPC reset. PR1242362