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Resolved Issues


This section lists the issues fixed in the Junos OS main release and the maintenance releases.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

Resolved Issues: 17.1R2

Class of Service (CoS)

  • The cosd process might crash when you execute the command show class-of-service queue-consumption. PR1066009

Forwarding and Sampling

  • In proto file AccessListObjBind message the structure needs to change. PR1230587

  • J-Flow v9 is sending the flows with the source-address inverted in show firewall log. PR1249553

  • In MX Series subscriber management environment, l2ald daemon may crash during EVPL subscriber login logout loop.PR1258853

  • Service stats reported in the wrong direction. PR1262876

  • Routing-instances information is not updated in the flat accounting file. PR1275225

General Routing

  • Temp Sensor Fail alarm may be raised incorrectly while an AS-MCC PIC is coming up. PR1036412

  • ICMP reply traffic might get dropped on MS-MPC line cards. PR1059940

  • Log message jnh_if_get_input_feature_list(9723): Could not find ifl state. PR1140527

  • Port block efficiency and Unique pool users stats shows negative and INFINITY value respectivity in the NAT pool which is being used by the sessions, upon adding address into the NAT pool which is not being used by the sessions, both NAT pools are used under the same SS. PR1177244

  • The destination-prefix-list support list is added for NAT rule with twice-napt-44 translation. PR1177732

  • Interfaces on the MIC-3D-4XGE-XFP installed in MPC2E-3D-NG or MPC3E-3D-NG might flap when they are connected to a DWDM device. PR1180890

  • MS MIC crash might be seen in some instances when there is a service configuration. PR1183828

  • Syslog "JAM: Plugin installed for %s PIC" logged as ERROR level. PR1189100

  • NAT IP pools information split between AMS members is incorrect after rebooting the FPC/ PIC. PR1190461

  • The CPU of processes may get near 100% and messages are repeatedly logged into syslog when restarting the agentd process several times. PR1192366

  • On MX Series and EX9200 platforms, an enhancement is needed for implementing sensor specific temperature thresholds. PR1199447

  • The command show subscribers summary port extensive output might have the wrong tunneled/terminated sessions count. PR1206208

  • The ppman based sessions might be flapping when executing offline/online MIC-3D-20GE-SFP MIC inserted into MPC2E-NG/MPC3E-NG. PR1211702

  • Syslog message : fpc_pic_process_pic_power_off_config:xxxx :No FPC in slot y is displayed on empty FPC slots with no PIC power off configured. PR1216126

  • The routers equipped with NG-REs might raise memory size mismatch alarm after upgrade. PR1220061

  • CoS service with Reflexive cos-rule should modify CoS values for reverse flow. PR1227021

  • vbf_ifl_bind_change_var_walker:377: ifl .demux.22698 (1073764522): IFL TCP (38) Bind change notify ran for 1480 us log messages are often seen. PR1229967

  • Optional service with blanks in a service string causes session termination. PR1232287

  • High MPC5 CPU on a scaled setup with 64 - 128 K subscribers. PR1233452

  • Dynamic-profile service with service-volume (VSA 67) data collecting interval is not 5 minutes. PR1234887

  • PIC-based MPLS J-Flow not working with MPLS packet sampling at egress side. PR1236892

  • LI enabled subscribers might experience packet drops because of MAC validation failures. PR1237519

  • Junos Telemetry Interface: Frequent disconnects seen in MQTT when IFL sensor is provisioned for longer duration. PR1238803

  • MPC9E might generate FPC core file on Junos OS Release 16.1R2.11, when configured with "mixed-rate AE bundles" and "adaptive load balancing". PR1238964

  • MIB ifJnxTable is not supported. PR1240632

  • Session database synchronization might fail in certain scenarios. PR1241162

  • Untagged bridged traffic might not be mirrored on the second port of the mirrored group. PR1241403

  • ms90 kernel: kern.maxfiles limit exceeded by uid 0, please see tuning(7) message seen after injecting more than 2M routes. PR1243581

  • MXVC-Some VBF flows are missing after FPC restart. PR1244832

  • Route Target per bridge domain for EVPN is not supported. PR1244956

  • MX2010/MX2020 (AC & DC) PSMs goes to Present State whenever there is a feed failure even though the PSM properly gives output power. PR1245459

  • The jsd process might crash while subscribing for telemetry data with 2 seconds frequency. PR1247254

  • The rpd process might crash and restart when a MAC address is learned from a given PE on a different ESI. PR1247338

  • PADI dropped due to duplicate client. PR1248282

  • The bbe-smgd process might crash if duplicate variable names are used for different purposes in the dynamic-profile configuration. PR1248725

  • telemetry_start_polling_fd: evSelectFD failed, errno: 9 messages are continuously seen in the log. PR1248813

  • Only one IA-NA dhcpv6 (without PD request) can establish in case two or more subscribers are provided with the same PD from RADIUS. PR1249837

  • Syslog "JAM:PL: Registered attributes for c23" should be logged as INFO. PR1250091

  • MPC5E/MPC2E-NG/MPC3E-NG/MPC7/MPC8/MPC9 might crash due to a software defect. PR1250335

  • Ukern process crash on Linux based FPC due to a scheduler issue. PR1250691

  • smihelperd core file is generated during subscriber logout process. PR1250760

  • RADIUS Accounting Stats of subscribers get doubled after unified ISSU. PR1250919

  • The rpd might crash when some interfaces go down and some peers go down. PR1250978

  • Cosmetic issue occurs on MS-MIC-16G when you enable it online. PR1251400

  • KRT queue stuck on Routing Engine causes RIB and FIB to go out of sync. PR1251556

  • When a non-0 slot MIC is re-inserted or replaced, the MIC might fail to come online and MIC0 info might disappear. PR1252998

  • show pfe statistics traffic displays 2^64 counter for packets output. PR1253299

  • The Routing Protocol process (rpd) might restart unexpectedly when waiting for an acknowledgment from kernel (with "indirect-next-hop-change-ackhowledgements" configuration option). PR1254735

  • Interface is not coming up on MPC3E-NG/MPC2E-NG line cards between third party switches. PR1254795

  • After switchover, KRT queue might get stuck on the new master RE with the error "ENOENT -- Item not found". PR1254980

  • Incorrect data in the output of 'show subscribers extensive '. PR1255029

  • MX Series FPC crash due to out of memory condition when an IRB is part of a L3 multicast group. PR1255290

  • Multiple Riot core files might be seen in VMX platform. PR1255866

  • The messaged krt_decode_comp read a non specific nh from kernel nhid is constantly seen after upgrading to Junos OS Release to 16.2R1-S1. PR1256197

  • Core files are constantly were observed when NAT term calls application-set with no active applications. PR1258060

  • Unable to run "show subscribers extensive" and some other CLI commands after GRES because the subscriber-management database is unavailable. PR1258238

  • na-grpc log handling needs to be fixed. PR1258484

  • DCD daemon crashes during the ATM related configuration commit. PR1258744

  • When using an AMS interface and running the show interfaces extensive command the sub-interfaces will only show 0 for the packet counters. PR1258946

  • QSFPP-40GBASE-LR4 might remain down after fiber link flap. PR1259930

  • Incorrect egress classification of L3 multicast traffic from ingress VLAN bridge interface after configuration change. PR1260413

  • MPC going offline during unified ISSU. PR1260714

  • A Packet Forwarding Engine saves only the first multicast IPv4 packet when waiting for a resolve request. PR1260729

  • Deviation in dynamic profile service accounting. PR1260898

  • During multicast activation of dynamic subscribers via a service profile, the bbe-smgd daemon in backup Routing Engine could sometimes crash. PR1261285

  • GRPC physical interfaces *-pkts fields zero suppressed by its own counter. PR1261589

  • Dynamic VLAN is removed after 30 seconds if there are no subscribers on it and remove-when-no-subscribers is set regardless of its idle-timeout. PR1262157

  • ICMP network unreachable message is not sent back when the subscriber is terminated in vrf. PR1263094

  • Dynamic VLAN interface is logged out upon reaching idle-timeout even though there is a client session (PPPoE or DHCP) above it. PR1263131

  • CoS Service Profile without line rate adjust needs to use "adjust-always" for proper revert behavior. PR1263337

  • Socket for JSD is not listening randomly after router reboot or JSD process crash. PR1263748

  • smg-service subsystem is not responding to management requests. PR1264038

  • In the Ethernet frames with more than 2000 bytes of payload, the mspmand process might crash. PR1264712

  • MX LAC does not send packets in the l2tp tunnel for some static ppp subscribers. PR1265414

  • PRPD/JET API: BgpRouteMonitorRegister() may not send end-of-rib operation. PR1265427

  • After high subscriber churn BBE_DFW_FINDEX_EXHAUSTED: Filter index space exhausted error prevented subscribers from connecting. PR1265973

  • BNG accepts IGMPv3/MLDv2 membership reports sent to non-standard multicast addresses. PR1266309

  • Unified ISSU failure might be seen with Junos OS Release 16.1R4-S1. PR1266317

  • ARP requests are hitting AE_RESERVED_IFL_UNIT (AEx.32767) when VSTP is enabled on double tagged AE IFL. PR1267238

  • bbe-smgd core file is generated after following subscriber login/logout on backup Routing Engine under certain boundary conditions. PR1267646

  • The CLI configuration command set chassis effective-shaping-rate is enabled for the MX104. PR1267829

  • HALP-lbnh_xlate_cntr_db_get_stats:250counter id 1573873: Unable to find lbnh xlate counter is flooding the syslog. PR1268452

  • Rpd crash and BGP session flapping might be seen during flapping interfaces or when changing configurations. PR1269116

  • xnm:error in rpc-reply in show arp interface | display xml. PR1269170

  • Router MAC extended community is not using standardized value. PR1269236

  • Log message sdk-vmmd: %USER-3: is_platform_rainier: Platform found as rainier is logged with error severity. PR1271134

  • The Routing Engine might stop all services after GRES or unified ISSU. PR1271306

  • Some received packets might be incorrectly dropped after 40GE/100GE port is configured under a LAG. PR1274073

High Availability (HA) and Resiliency

  • Vmcores were generated on both VCMm and VCBm at the same time. PR1274438


  • Smartd Offline uncorrectable sectors critical logs keep reporting every 30 minutes. PR1233992

  • A ksyncd crash might be seen on the backup Routing Engine due to stale next hops on the master Routing Engine. PR1250880

  • Kernel core file is generated with userland_sysctl / sysctl_root / sysctl_kern_proc_env / panic_on_watchdog_timeout. PR1254742

  • Device is rebooting due to watchdog timeout. PR1259616

Interfaces and Chassis

  • Configuring ODU FRR related otn-options might crash the FPC without producing a core file. PR1038551

  • MPC might crash during unified ISSU from Junos OS Release 15.1R1 to a later release when QSFP/CXP/CFP2 optics are present. PR1216924

  • LCP packets may still be sent after PADT is sent. PR1234027

  • t3 interface not coming up due to incorrect subrate. PR1238395

  • AE target distribution will need "manual" keyword in configuration. PR1239724

  • MX Series can calculate MTU value incorrectly on pp0 interface. PR1240257

  • DT_LNS: NCP is not responding and gets stuck in ncpResponseBufferDelayed. PR1241946

  • Static PPPoE session cannot be established after GRES. PR1245465

  • The cfmd might crash when CFM filter refers to a firewall policy. PR1246822

  • Need send-chassis-tlv configuration statement help text. PR1248583

  • IPv6 ND does not work for DHCPv6 sessions when using static Demux VLAN with RA. PR1250313

  • SNMP reporting ifHCInUcastPkts counter value is equivalent to (2^64)-1. PR1252716

  • Daemon cfmd memory leak upon commits if bridge-domain is configured. PR1255584

  • For CFM over AE, incorrect Anchor fpc is selected. PR1258490

  • I2C BUS timeout causes SFP thread hogging and MPC restart. PR1260517

  • IPCP/IPv6CP re-negotiation is terminated by MX Series BNG. PR1260829

  • Jpppd might crash when traceoptions is enabled over PPPoE. PR1264000

  • Message appears: MXVC CHASSISD_IPC_WRITE_ERR_NULL_ARGS: FRU has no connection arguments fru_send_msg Global FPC 0. PR1264647

  • Malformed PPP Echo Reply causing keepalive failure. PR1273083

  • dot1agCfmFaultAlarm with dot1agCfmMepHighestPrDefect="-1". PR1273278

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • DHCP-Relay option-82 format may change when an interface is removed from a configuration. PR1253205

  • Periodic MLP query mechanism from DPC for unresolved DMAC entries. PR1256555

  • An MPC/FPC might go offline during FRU upgrade phase of ISSU. PR1256940

  • DHCP client key identifier mismatch due to DHCPv4 Option 82 Suboption 9 change during the release time. PR1257701

  • DHCP (V4 or V6) relay - renew from client does not work as expected for asymmetric-lease configured on a static interface when using broadband subscriber service. PR1258415

  • Eliminate the impact of DHCPv6 renegotiation lockout timer for DHCP Solicits with rapid commit options. PR1263156

Layer 2 Features

  • BUM traffic might be dropped on egress AE interface or equal-cost multipath (ECMP) core-links with "input-vlan-map" and "enhanced-ip" configured. PR1078617

  • VPLS unicast traffic loss might be observed when it is passed through LSI interface and the P-facing interface is LAG. PR1240960


  • The rpd might crash while making static LSPs go up. PR1084736

  • RSVP LSP might not honor TE metric change. PR1205996

  • Entropy label calculation might not provide good load sharing result. PR1235258

  • The LDP routes are not installing with matched L-IS-IS routes in inet.3 route table. PR1248336

  • RPD on backup Routing Engine might consume excessive CPU time if it cannot connect to the RPD on the master Routing Engine. PR1250941

  • When the configured metric for one of the LSPs used in ECMP is removed, other LSPs with configured metric might not honor the configured metric value. PR1261961

  • Traffic loss is seen during auto-BW MBB on ingress router as "invalid fabric token". PR1264089

  • When "explicit-null" is configured for LDP, label 0 is assigned as IPv6 explicit null label. PR1264753

  • Remote targeted LDP session might remain up, though it should not be up. PR1266802

  • TE++ Container LSP statistics are showing the same 10 LSPs and looping. PR1267774

  • FRR bypass tunnel does not appear to be working; the bypass label looks incorrect. PR1270877

  • The CLI command show route extensive might cause RPD to crash. PR1272993

Network Management and Monitoring

  • Empty responses for SNMPv3 bulk-get requests if SNMP max message size is lower than OID value. PR1207683

  • Eventd process stops sending syslog message to a configured syslog server. PR1246712

  • SNMPv3 trap does not contain routing-instance information in contextName field. PR1265288

Platform and Infrastructure

  • NPC generated core file with reference to [ 0x41490f64 in trinity_policer_free (result_ptr=0x5d671f64, nh_ptr=0x5d671f78).PR1071040

  • MPC cell packing wedge might occur with multicast or bridge flood traffic. PR1180397

  • The "rdd" process is restarted in get_mview_root( ) during GRPC JVISION activation while chassis Packet Forwarding Engines are coming up. PR1225086

  • MAC entry aging is not updated with Source MAC refresh on MPC3E/MPC4E line card at slow traffic rate. PR1230516

  • The apply-path functionality might get broken after you change it. PR1232299

  • The FPC crash or only traffic loss might be seen on MPC1E/2E/3E/4E or MPC-3D-16XGE-SFPP during ISSU. PR1241729

  • Minimum buffer value programmable in the Packet Forwarding Engine changed from 4096 bytes to 1568 bytes. PR1246197

  • MPC or FPC cards report LUCHIP EDMEM errors during ISSU. PR1249395

  • The configuration database is locked when a user that was configure exclusive is logged out unexpectedly. PR1250305

  • The auditd might crash when RADIUS accounting is configured and the RADIUS accounting server becomes unreachable. PR1250525

  • Unexpected flooding for a known unicast VPLS or BRIDGE traffic ingress MPC5 or MPC6 might be observed intermittently toward remote Packet Forwarding Engines. PR1255073

  • GRE tunnel traffic gets dropped after you disable and re-enable the gr- interface. PR1255706

  • FPC might crash and generate a core file during unified ISSU because memory is not properly recycled. PR1258795

  • mgd might crash after you execute the command show ephemeral-configuration | display inheritance. PR1258823

  • Mismatching in/out pps value is shown with show pfe statistics traffic detail. PR1259427

  • Routed traffic going out via irb/l2 interface with VXLAN EVPN is getting dropped after l2 interface switch. PR1259551

  • DHCP/BOOTP reply packet for an unnumbered interface might trigger FUD process failure. PR1260623

  • WRED drop occurs on one VLAN when the other VLAN is congested. PR1260951

  • DDRIF checksum error might lead to a traffic black hole. PR1260983

  • On a MX Series Virtual Chassis running as a MVPN bud node, traffic is not being forwarded to the local receiver. PR1261172

  • FPC might crash with interface-specific firewall filters with policers configured. PR1267908

Port Security

  • Traffic drops are seen on MPC7E cards after rekeying of MACsec. PR1257041

Routing Protocols

  • The RPD might crash in large-scale BGP routes environment with multipath configured. PR1209695

  • The bgpPeerState/bgpPeerTable returns an invalid value when there is an IPv6 peer. PR1233790

  • BGP-LU add-path in combination with per-prefix-label can result in incorrect MPLS.0 routing/forwarding swap state. PR1238119

  • Session uptime in show bfd session detail output omits seconds if uptime is longer than 24 hours. PR1245105

  • The RPD process might crash if static rt-constrain feature is configured but family route-target is not present on any BGP. PR1247625

  • OSPF nex thop might keep flapping, if multi-area rLFA along with policy is configured. PR1248746

  • LLGR feature does not work between Juniper PE to other vendor's RR. PR1248823

  • The configuration statement learn-pim-router not working properly. PR1251439

  • BGP peers remain stuck in idle state after unified ISSU. PR1261902

  • Routing protocol process (rpd) might restart unexpectedly with a reference to ioth_session_delete_internal ( ) routine. PR1261970

  • The rpd might crash if the IS-IS segment routing is configured but a certain interface is not configured with RSVP. PR1262612

  • MPLS label entry for direct route as BGP-LU route is permanently stuck in KRT queue when vrf-table-label is configured in CoS VRF. PR1263291

  • When applying import policy to a BGP neighbor, the rpd might crash continuously. PR1265224

  • "Nexthop AFI=3" is observed in BGP open message after you configure family inet unicast extended-nexthop. PR1272807

Services Applications

  • Backup SDG reported memory-usage zone in RED. PR1202872

  • L2TP tunnels might get stuck in "Terminating" state on MX Series LNS. PR1249768

  • Traffic is dropped when changing the source-address under a NAT rule term for BASIC-NAT translation. PR1257801

  • L2TP Congestion Window set to 128 instead of 1 when tunnel is created. PR1265001

  • KMD process might crash because of apply-group configuration. PR1265404

  • Kernel crash might be seen after performing the CLI command commit. PR1273357

Subscriber Access Management

  • The auth request does not cause the router to send the RADIUS REQUEST message, "Failed to queue the request, will be queued in authd internal queue". PR1178813

  • Configuration statement set access radius-options timeout-grace should be unhidden. PR1249847

  • Need option to exclude tunnel attributes in access-request on LNS. PR1264024

  • Possible CPS degradation for scaled dhcpv4/v6 and pppoev4 subscribers. PR1264052

  • Incorrect number of messages in the queue to RADIUS server in the output show network-access aaa statistics radius detail. PR1267307


  • IoT issue between Juniper and third party for SSM Rosen 07 based Inter-AS MVPN. PR1238807

  • The L2circuit does not switch based on the APS status. PR1239381

  • Rpd memory leak is observed in NG-MVPN environment. PR1259579

Resolved Issues: 17.1R1

Class of Service (CoS)

  • Incorrect CoS rewrite for L3VPN traffic when chained-composite-next-hop is enabled. PR1062648

  • QMON - Queue 3 in both ingress and egress do not have the correct maximum depth values, in the show interfaces queue ... CLI commands. PR1226558

  • The cosd might crash after you activate/deactivate the CoS configuration. PR1236866

  • The error message of cos_check_temporal_buffer_status might be observed when configuring Hierarchical CoS with strict-high scheduling. PR1238719

Forwarding and Sampling

  • Local backup for accounting flat files might not perform after transfer to archive site fails. PR1198095

  • The policer on Trio based card allows more traffic when packet size is less than 128 bytes. PR1207810

  • Commit fails after applying bandwidth-percent policer on ps interface. PR1225977

  • Configuration for ipv4-flow-table-size and ipv6-flow-table-size does not propagate to FPC after reboot if sampling instance is not associated. PR1234905

  • J-Flow version 9 cannot get TCP flag information from IPv6 fragment packets. PR1239817

General Routing

  • The MS-MPC/MS-MIC card might crash after the NAT session is removed. PR1117662

  • Trace-route does not work on Services PIC. PR1163472

  • MX240 DC power shows abnormal electrical current value even its external DC power sources circuit breaker is at off postion. PR1177536

  • DNS Query fails for fragmented DNS traffic. PR1182910

  • Error messages are reported during unified ISSU on MX Series router. PR1200045

  • Login/logout of PPPoE subscriber causing link up/down traps if no-traps command is configured. PR1204949

  • With local source, Continuous iif-mismatch is reported on MoFRR backup interface. PR1206121

  • FPC might crash with any inline feature enabled. PR1210060

  • AMS interface works incorrectly in warm-standby mode. PR1216030

  • Memory allocation might fail in Trio-based FPC due to memory fragmentation. PR1216300

  • RPD consumes high CPU when VPLS instances are configured for the first time or a system with VPLS instances is rebooted. PR1216332

  • Replacing an MQ FPC with an XM one might cause all other MQ-based cards to report "FI Cell underflow at the state stage" on MX Series platform. PR1219444

  • Packet loss might occur when multicast traffic enters and exits the Packet Forwarding Engine in a different FPC. PR1219962

  • On an MX Series Virtual Chasis environment traffic loss might be observed due to incorrectly programmed Aggregated Ethernet interfaces. PR1220934

  • RPD might crash after offilining or onlining FPC/MPC or doing GRES. PR1221183

  • Continuous login and logout PPPoE/DHCP subscribers might cause some subscribers to fail to bind. PR1221690

  • "Show chassis hardware detail" shows ada0 and ada1 entries in reverse order. PR1222330

  • The subscribers are unable to connect due to "uifl inactive issue" error. PR1222829

  • "unnumbered-address" under dynamic profile shows the incorrect value. PR1222975

  • The bbe-smgd process memory might leak in the backup Routing Engine. PR1223625

  • A pfed core file is observed after deleting apply-groups. PR1223847

  • early/opDel: bad stored heap messages seen on sending traffic using captive-portal-content-delivery service. PR1226782

  • The chassisd might crash with show chassis ucode-rebalance command on MX Series platform. PR1227445

  • Openflow: Flowstat reply has incorrect DL type. PR1228383

  • Different behavior might be observed for TCP and non-TCP RE-generated traffic when the route pointing to indirect next-hop is not subjected to 'load-balance per-packet'. PR1229409

  • Unequal load balance over LSP does not work if destination route is IPv6. PR1230186

  • Interface statistics are not restored on MX Series VC after unified ISSU, which causes the RADIUS volume accounting stats value to remain unchanged. PR1230524

  • The dynamic-profile service filter matches the traffic that is not defined in the prefix-list applied to the filter. PR1230997

  • ICMP identifier is not translated back to expected value during ICMP traceroute for TTL exceeded packets on NAT using Multiservice MPC. PR1231868

  • IPsec SAs are not cleared after disabling the ms interface inside a logical interface IFL. PR1232276

  • Optional service with blanks in a service string causes session termination. PR1232287

  • Some Packet Forwarding Engine statistics counters do not work in MPC7/8/9. PR1232540

  • Packet Forwarding Engine statistics input packets pps counter has a large error. PR1232547

  • Input Framing errors are incrementing on interfaces connected to MPC2E-NG with 4x10G MIC. PR1232618

  • Some error messages might be seen during offlining/onlining FPC or link flap. PR1232686

  • RPD core file is generated with mem_assert , rta_route_session_ref_free, rta_parse_session_delete, task_module_dyn_config_server. PR1232742

  • LSP-ping might fail and IP packets with options will not get mirrored in port-mirror environment. PR1234006

  • SNMP trap description does not match the trap signal. PR1234083

  • offlining/onlining SFB2 can trigger another fabric plane to go to check state. PR1234224

  • After the backup Routing Engine is replaced, the new Backup Routing Engine cannot synchronize with Master Routing Engine if 'dynamic-profile-options versioning' is configured. PR1234453

  • With show route forwarding table * enabled protocols field additional flags. PR1234501

  • False login attempts might be seen on MPC7E/8E/9E for receiving noise. PR1234712

  • VLNS(VBNG) - Commit generated a "warning: requires 'l2tp-inline-lns' license" but a valid license is installed. PR1235697

  • The Aggregated Ethernet interface with per-packet load sharing configured might drop packets unexpectedly. PR1235866

  • The outer source MAC in ARP reply packet for IRB interface is different than the inner virtual MAC. PR1236225

  • A stale route is present in inetflow.0 rib after deleting rib-group and deactivating static flow route. PR1236636

  • PIC-based MPLS J-Flow not working with MPLS packet sampling at the egress side. PR1236892

  • Offlining/onlining SFB2 can trigger another fabric plane to go to check state. PR1237134

  • The MS-MPC might crash when receiving internally corrupted frames from another FPC. PR1237667

  • High Routing Engine CPU usage might be seen with router-advertisement configured. PR1237894

  • "Empty license directory copied from the master" logs are seen on backup Routing Engine when the number of licenses for scale-subscriber is exceeded. PR1238615

  • MX Series is sending accounting interim without the update-interval configuration statement. PR1239273

  • Total traffic loss for BGP-PIC learned prefixes occurs on link failure. PR1239357

  • Traceroute will not resolve VRF loopback address where SI and pseudointerface exist. PR1240221

  • Incorrect CoS adjustment and missing adjustment application occur for PPPoE session with dynamic-profile services. PR1241201

  • Delay in PTP clock class changes. PR1241211

  • With IPsec dynamic endpoints (DEP) over IPv6, the ARI IPv6 routes might be missing after GRES with NSR. PR1242503

  • The FPC might crash when adding physical interface sensor. PR1243411

  • The rpd process might crash and restart when a MAC address is learned from a given PE on a different ESI. PR1247338

  • When an IPv6 node receives an ICMPv6 PTB (Packet Too Big) message with MTU < 1280, the node will emit atomic fragments. This behavior might result in denial of service attack. PR1250832

High Availability (HA) and Resiliency

  • Connection might be broken between master and backup Routing Engine after ISSU. PR1234196


  • The gdb can be exploited to allow execution of unsigned binary. PR968335

  • Continuous kernel logs and LDP stats timeout error occurs when you run show ldp traffic-statistics. PR1215452

  • SMART ATA Error Log Structure error: invalid SMART checksum logs are seen after upgrade. PR1222105

Interfaces and Chassis

  • ARP entry learned through Aggregated Ethernet interface does not expire when the ARP IP is no longer reachable. PR1211757

  • MPC might crash during unified ISSU from Junos OS Release 15.1R to later release when QSFP/CXP/CFP2 optics are present. PR1216924

  • Previously, the same IP address could be configured on different logical interfaces from different physical interfaces but in the same routing-instance. Only one logical interface was assigned with the identical address after commit. There was no warning during the commit but just syslog messages indicating incorrect configuration. This issue is fixed and it is now not allowed to configure the same IP address (the length of the mask does not matter) on different logical interfaces. PR1221993

  • RPT MMX Regression: During firewall script run, switchover is performed. The new master takes ownership and stays up but the old master goes to db>. PR1222582

  • Stuck L2TP session remains after session/tunnel termination. PR1228802

  • Interface is not coming up after de-activating and activating "protocols oam ethernet connectivity-fault-management maintenance-domain". PR1231315

  • Commit failure, error: Bandwidth on IFL <static vlan demux interface> cannot be greater than that of its IFD. PR1232598

  • The MX Series routers might fail to send the IPCP Configure-Ack packet to the subscriber. PR1235261

  • DT_LNS: NCP is not responding and gets stuck in ncpResponseBufferDelayed. PR1241946

  • JPPPD core file is generated during scaled login/logout. PR1245848

  • VRRP might be stuck in (state: unknown, VR State: bringup) when VRRP is configured on one IFL without VLAN and the lower-unit-number logical interface in same physical interface has VLAN configured. PR1247050

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • The MPC might power back on from offline state after you commit the configuration if it is configured to be offline when detecting major errors. PR1218304

  • MX Series is not including Delegated-IPv6-Prefix in accounting interim. PR1231665

  • MX Series BNG waits 30 seconds before replying to any rapid commit option set DHCPv6 Solicit retransmissions messages. PR1234009

  • After upgrading to Junos OS Release 15.1F2-S13 "/var partition is full" alarm might be seen. PR1237218

  • LACP might time out during unified ISSU when LACP is configured in fast periodic along with the fast-hello-issu configuration statement. PR1240679


  • Both load-balance-label-capability and no-load-balance-label-capability could be configured under forwarding-options. PR1126439

  • The command no-install-to-address not always honored for PCC-delegated LSPs. PR1169889

  • The rpd process might crash when dynamic-tunnel is configured but RSVP signaling is disabled. PR1213431

  • FPC sockets disconnects and various scheduling slips occur when executing the show ldp traffic-statistics command with many ECMP links and L3VPN routes. PR1214961

  • Carrier-over-carrier VPN PE router "protocol mpls" under RI breaks existing "protocol connection". PR1222570

  • RPT RIAD VMX Regressions : rsvp-lsp-enh-lp-upstream-status is taking more time for synchronization on the backup Routing Engine on egress. PR1242324


  • Kernel: %KERN-3: fmbb_uc_pfes_pre: rnh_get_pfe_id failed with ENOTSUP 45. This error is not fatal; it just means that FMBB cannot be done. PR1230465

Network Management and Monitoring

  • The statistics of OID ifOutError incorrectly include ifOutDiscards. PR1243071

Platform and Infrastructure

  • The junos:key attribute is not emitted when the configuration is emitted in JSON format. PR1195928

  • Blank firewall log is generated for IPv6 packets with nextheader hop-by-hop. PR1201864

  • The firewall filters are incorrect after GRES. PR1230954

  • The scripts process might crash when some special combination of jcs:printf(...) and some special characters at the boundary of the buffer are used. PR1232418

  • With non-Ethernet frame payload, traffic might not be correctly load-balanced. PR1232943

  • The scale-subscriber license count might increase to an invalid license state with L2TP/LTS clients. PR1233298

  • and FreeBSD have published security advisories for vulnerabilities resolved in ntpd (NTP daemon). Server-side vulnerabilities are only exploitable on systems where NTP server is enabled within the [edit system ntp] hierarchy level. PR1234119

  • Flow-tap-dtcp service login via SSH with key-based authentication fails. PR1234464

  • ADC based line card might fail to boot up on the FPC slot that was previously used for MPC6E. PR1235861

  • J-Flow cannot sample multicast traffic in multi-copy scenario in MX2010/MX2020. PR1237164

  • FPC and Routing Engine might stuck in high CPU usage when DDoS SCFD is turned on. PR1237486

  • FPC might crash during unified ISSU. PR1239304

  • Low temporal buffer configuration is not honored. PR1240756

Provider Edge Satellite Software

  • MX v44: traffic forwarding is not working from AD to SD. PR1231227

Routing Protocols

  • The rpd process on the backup Routing Engine might crash because of a memory leak with the PIM configuration. PR1155778

  • The rpd process might crash during MSDP instance deletion. PR1216078

  • The rpd process might crash after performing BGP flapping. PR1222554

  • The rpd might crash when BGP add-path is configured and the same prefix is received from multiple peers with different source AS. PR1223651

  • Rpd core could be seen if MPLS goes down. PR1228388

  • Junos OS 15.1 and later releases may be impacted by the receipt of a crafted BGP UPDATE which can lead to an rpd (routing process daemon) crash and restart. Repeated crashes of the rpd daemon can result in an extended denial of service condition. PR1229868

  • Rpd crash might be seen if ISIS LSP is purged. PR1235504

  • RSVP bandwidth load-balancing is not working after LSPs are advertised in the IS-IS or IS-IS TE shortcuts are configured. PR1237531

  • Rpd generates a core file due to an assertion condition related to changing a policy for a BGP neighbor. PR1239990

  • After doing some configuration modification related to sham-link, the sham-link might not be able to be brought up anymore. PR1240391

  • Multicast route leaking does not work correctly. PR1240656

  • The rpd process might crash if static rt-constrain feature is configured but family route-target is not present on any BGP. PR1247625

Services Applications

  • LNS-Tunnel/session establishment get stalled when the LNS is flooded by high rate L2TP messages. PR990081

  • FTP ALG on MX fails to translate the PORT command when the FTP client uses Active Mode and requests AUTH(SSL-TLS) but the FTP server does not use AUTH. PR1194510

  • The kmd process might consume excessive CPU resources during continuous polling for IKE related data through SNMP. PR1209406

  • Traffic black holes occur due to service-set programming on MS-MPC. PR1223302

  • PPPoE - L2TP subscribers might get stuck in Terminating state in longevity login/logout test. PR1235996

  • MS-DPC - Performance degradation in CGNAT scaling occurs during memory stress. PR1242556

Subscriber Access Management

  • Syslog is not generated when RADIUS server is marked “dead”. PR1207904

  • Gy support is seen for the 3GPP-SGSN-MCC-MNC AVP in CCR messages. PR1233847

  • The DHCPv6 solicits are ignored instead of being responded to with an advertise packet with status code NoPrefixAvail(6) when no delegated prefix is available. PR1234042

  • The authd daemon might generate a core file when traceoption filters are configured during GRES not-ready state. PR1234395

User Interface and Configuration

  • The rpd memory leak might be triggered when configuring or reconfiguring IS-IS interface. PR1243702

  • Uncommitted lines are displayed right after commit with "delta-export". PR1245187


  • After issue "clear pim join" on source PE the multicast flow stops in an NG-MVPN scenario with the asm-override-ssm configuration statement for the SSM group. PR1232623

  • The rpd might crash on backup Routing Engine when changing the l2circuit neighbor in an NSR scenario. PR1241801