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New and Changed Features


This section describes the new features and enhancements to existing features in the Junos OS main release and the maintenance releases for Junos Fusion Provider Edge.

Release 17.1R2 New and Changed Features

  • There are no new features or enhancements to existing features for Junos Fusion Provider Edge in Junos OS Release 17.1R2.

Release 17.1R1 New and Changed Features

Junos Fusion

  • Support for satellite device clustering—Starting in Junos OS Release 17.1R1, Junos Fusion Provider Edge supports satellite device clustering. Satellite device clustering enables you to connect up to 10 satellite devices into a single cluster, and to connect the satellite device cluster to the aggregation device as a single group instead of as individual satellite devices.

    [See Understanding Satellite Device Clustering in a Junos Fusion.]

  • Support for LLDP-MED with VoIP integration—Starting in Junos OS Release 17.1R1, Junos Fusion Provider Edge supports Link Layer Discovery Protocol–Media Endpoint Discovery (LLDP-MED) with VoIP integration on the extended ports of satellite devices in a VoIP network. LLDP-MED with VoIP integration is an extension of LLDP that is used to support device discovery of VoIP telephones and to create location databases for these telephone locations.

    [See Understanding LLDP and LLDP-MED on Junos Fusion..]