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Changes in Behavior and Syntax


This section lists the changes in behavior of Junos OS features and changes in the syntax of Junos OS statements and commands from Junos OS Release 16.2 for the EX Series.

General Routing

  • Support for deletion of static routes when the BFD session goes down (EX Series)—Starting in Junos OS Release 16.2R2, the default behavior of the static route at the [edit routing-options static static-route bfd-admin-down] hierarchy level is active. So, the static routes are deleted when the BFD receives a session down message.


  • Support for status deprecated statement in YANG modules (EX9200)—Starting with Junos OS Release 16.2R1, Juniper Networks YANG modules include the status deprecated statement to indicate configuration statements, commands, and options that are deprecated.

User Interface and Configuration

  • Integers in configuration data in JSON format are displayed without quotation marks (EX Series)—Starting in Junos OS Release 16.2R2, integers in Junos OS configuration data emitted in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format are not enclosed in quotation marks. Prior to Junos OS Release 16.2R2, integers in JSON configuration data were treated as strings and enclosed in quotation marks.

  • Changes to the XML and JSON output when displaying the differences between the candidate and active configurations (EX Series)—Starting in Junos OS Release 16.2R2, when you compare the candidate and active configurations and display the differences in XML or JSON format, for example by using the show | compare | display (json | xml) CLI command or the <get-configuration compare="rollback" format="(json | xml)"> RPC, the device omits the <configuration> tag in the XML output and omits the configuration object in the JSON output if the comparison either returns no differences or if the comparison returns differences for only non-native configuration data, for example, configuration data associated with an OpenConfig data model.