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Documentation Updates


This section lists the errata and changes in Junos OS Release 16.2R2 documentation for MX Series and T Series.

Advanced Subscriber Management Provision Guide

  • The “Example: Configuring HTTP Redirect Services on the Routing Engine” topic shows an incorrectly formatted redirect URL, The correct format is

Subscriber Management Access Network Guide

  • The “Configuring a Pseudowire Subscriber Logical Interface Device” and “anchor-point (Pseudowire Subscriber Interfaces)” topics have been updated to state that you cannot dynamically change an anchor point that has active pseudowire devices stacked above it. Both topics describe the steps to follow when you must change such an anchor point.

  • The following topics have been updated to reflect a change in recommendation for use of the access-internal statement: “Access and Access-Internal Routes for Subscriber Management,” “Configuring Dynamic Access Routes for Subscriber Management,” “Configuring Dynamic Access-Internal Routes for DHCP Subscriber Management,” “Configuring Dynamic Access-Internal Routes for PPP Subscriber Management,” “access (Dynamic Access Routes), “ and “access-internal (Dynamic Access-Internal Routes).”

    We recommend that you use only access routes for framed route support. We recommend that you do not use access-internal routes. If the RADIUS Framed-Route attribute (22) or Framed-IPv6-Route attribute (99) does not specify the next-hop gateway—as is common—the variable representing the next-hop, $junos-framed-route-nexthop, is automatically resolved. If you configure the access-internal statement in the dynamic profile, it is ignored.

Subscriber Management Provisioning Guide

  • Support for the packet-triggered subscribers and policy control rule base (PTSP) feature was discontinued starting in Junos OS Release 13.1R1, but this was not reflected in the documentation. Text exclusive to PTSP has been removed from the Broadband Subscriber Sessions Feature Guide. This includes all CLI topics and the following chapters:

    • “Configuring the PTSP Feature to Support Dynamic Subscribers”

    • “Configuring the PTSP Partition to Connect to the External Policy Manager”

    • “Configuring PTSP Services and Rules”

    • “Monitoring and Managing Packet-Triggered Subscribers”

    Topics for other features that refer to PTSP are updated to report the end of support.

  • The Broadband Subscriber Sessions Feature Guide did not report that you can suspend AAA accounting, establish a baseline of accounting statistics, and resume accounting. This feature was introduced in Junos OS Release 15.1R4.

    [See Suspending AAA Accounting and Baselining Accounting Statistics Overview.]