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New and Changed Features

This section describes the new features in Junos OS Release 16.1R1 for Junos Provider Edge.

Junos Fusion

  • Additional MPC support—Starting with Junos OS Release 16.1R1, the following Modular Port Concentrators (MPCs) are supported on the MX Series routers:
    • MPC7E
    • MPC8E
    • MPC9E
    • Egress Multicast Replication—Starting with Junos OS Release 16.1, you can enable egress multicast replication to optimize multicast traffic in a Junos Fusion. In egress multicast replication, multicast traffic is replicated on satellite devices, rather than on the aggregation device. If you have a large number of multicast receivers or high multicast bandwidth traffic, enabling egress multicast replication reduces the traffic on cascade port interfaces and reduces the load on the aggregation device. This can reduce the latency and jitter in packet delivery, decrease the number of problems associated with oversubscription, and prevent a traffic storm caused by flooding of unknown unicast packets to all interfaces.

      This feature is disabled by default. To enable egress multicast replication, use the local-replication statement in the the [edit forwarding-options satellite] hierarchy level. When you enable this feature, local replication is enabled on all satellite devices that are connected to the aggregation device. You cannot enable local replication for just a few selected satellite devices, specific bridge domains, or specific route prefixes.

      Egress multicast replication does not take effect with the following features (Junos Fusion replicates multicast traffic on the aggregation device and other multicast traffic will continue to be replicated on satellite devices):

      • Multicast support on pure layer 3 extended ports
      • MLD snooping on an IPv6 network

      Egress multicast replication is incompatible with the following features (the feature will not work together with egress multicast replication and you must choose either to enable egress multicast replication or to use the feature):

      • VLAN tag manipulations, such as VLAN tag translations, VLAN tag stacking, and VLAN per port policies. This can result in dropped packets caused by unexpected VLAN tags.
      • Multicast support for the extended ports on the edge side of Pseudowire connections in VPLS networks.
      • Multicast support for the extended ports on the edge side of EVPNs.
      • Multicast VPN deployments.
      • MPLS/BGP VPN deployments.
      • Features that perform egress actions on individual extended ports, such as egress local-port mirroring.

      Use the following new operational commands to display information related to this feature:

      • show bridge flood next-hops satellite
      • show bridge flood next-hops satellite nexthop-id nexthop-identifier
      • show bridge flood satellite
      • show bridge flood satellite bridge-domain-name domain-name
      • show bridge satellite device
      • show multicast ecid-mapping satellite
      • show multicast next-hops satellite
      • show multicast snooping next-hops satellite nexthop-id nexthop-identifier
      • show multicast snooping route satellite
      • show multicast snooping route satellite bridge-domain-name domain-name
      • show multicast snooping route satellite group group-id
      • show multicast statistics satellite
      • show multicast summary satellite

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Modified: 2017-07-24