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Known Issues

This section lists the known issues in hardware xand software in Junos OS Release 16.1R1 for MX Series.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • EVPN uses several different subtypes of routes within the EVPN address family which are advertised through the control plane between PEs using BGP. Multihoming PEs use Ethernet segment (ES) routes to advertise the fact that the PEs are connected to a given multihomed segment. All other multihoming PEs attached to the same multihomed segment import those ES routes, and combined with their own local state, elect a single designated forwarder (DF) for each EVPN instance that is part of the multihomed segment. When a new PE is added to an existing EVPN, the new PE needs to download the full set of EVPN routes advertised by the other existing PEs. In cases of high MAC scaling, it is possible that remote PEs will generate and send BGP updates for MAC routes (or other EVPN route types) before generating and sending the ES routes. If the time taken by the original multihoming PE(s) to send the ES routes is longer than the DF election hold timer on the new PE, the new PE and an existing multihoming PE may both consider themselves to be the DF for the same EVPN ES simultaneously. In this situation, broadcast traffic could be flooded by both PEs. Additionally, in the case of single-active multihoming, transient/spurious MAC moves could happen between the two PEs both considering themselves to be the DF, causing unnecessary BGP update churn and slowing convergence. PR968428
  • The L2ald may crash after interface flap. PR1015297
  • On XL-based cards such as MPC5/MPC6, PPE thread timeout errors (resulting in PPE trap files) can be triggered when the FPC allocates illegal memory space for the forwarding state of router operations. In certain cases, this can result in packet loss, depending on how many packets use this forwarding state. PR1100357
  • When successive back-to-back commits are performed on a scaled configuration, there could be a timeout or a delay in completing the commit check operation. PR1139206

Forwarding and Sampling

  • It is known that policing filter application to the LSP is catastrophic. Any active LSP carrying traffic when applied a policing filter will tear down and resignal and drop traffic for ~2 seconds. In 16.1R1 it would take upto 30 seconds for the LSP to come up if 1. Creation of the policing filter and application of the same to the LSP via config in the same commit sequence 2. Load override of a config file that has policing filter and policing filter application to the LSP followed by commit. The plan is to rectify this behavior in 16.2. PR1160669

Layer 2 Features

  • When a CFM down-mep is configured on a STP-blocked interface which is housed on a DPCE card, flooding of traffic in the local L2 broadcast network might happen, leading to side-effects such as flapping of OSPF sessions, BFD sessions, or similar. PR1174175


  • User is allowed to configure both "load-balance-label-capability" and "no-load-balance-label-capability" together. This is incorrect and confusing. PR1126439

Platform and Infrastructure

  • On MX Series Virtual Chassis (MX-VC) with "locality-bias" configured, when equal-cost multipath (ECMP) load-balancing is occurring in the VC system, multicast streams and flooded Layer 2 streams may be duplicated or lost. As a workaround, we can disable "locality-bias" if possible. PR1104096

Routing Protocols

  • Symptoms: With NSR enabled, rpd may core on standby RE when operations like RD modify or RD delete/RD operations are done. (Not always observed.) Impact: There is no impact on traffic or other functionality. The core occurs only once on the standby Routing Engine. Standby Routing Engine recovers completely, with all replication done fully post core. PR1162665

Services Applications

  • When polling to jnxNatSrcNumPortInuse via SNMP MIB get, it might not be displayed correctly. PR1100696
  • In Junos OS Release 13.3 and later, when configuring a /31 subnet address under a NAT pool, the adaptive services daemon (SPD) will continuously crash. PR1103237


  • In the l2circuit environment, when l2ckt configuration has backup-neighbor, the flow-label operation is blocked at the configuration level. PR1056777

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Modified: 2017-07-24