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Known Issues

This section lists the known issues in hardware and software in Junos OS Release 15.1F3 for the PTX Series.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • PTX Series does not support the queuing PICs but by default Junos OS will program chassis scheduler map which will generate the following logs: "fpc2 COS(cos_chassis_scheduler_pre_add_action:2140): chassis schduler ipc received for non qpic ifd et-2/1/3 with index 131 /kernel: GENCFG: op 8 (COS BLOB) failed; err 5 (Invalid)Fix: Adding check to stop sending chassis scheduler map on PTX platform." Fix: Adding check to stop sending chassis scheduler map on PTX Series platform. PR910985

Interfaces and Chassis

  • On PTX Series routers, TX optical threshold value is shown incorrectly for the interfaces in the PIC P1-PTX-2-100G-WDM. This PR will fix only the TX power issue reported in the 2x100G DWDM OTN PIC. PR1084963
  • On PTX Series platform "cfp_lh_update_1sec_pm_var received" messages are periodically logged with Warning level. The severity of this message has been revised. PR1089592


  • From Junos OS Release 14.1 onwards, the "load-balance-label-capability" configuration statement is introduced to enable the router to push and pop the load-balancing label, which causes LDP and RSVP to advertise the entropy label TLV to neighboring routers. PTX Series routers have this capability, and it is reflected in their default forwarding-options configuration. However, there is a software defect in the way Entropy Label Capability (ELC) TLV is encoded in the LDP label-mapping message. It might cause the LDP session between routers to go down. PR1065338

Platform and Infrastructure

  • The MIB counter or "show pfe statistics traffic" shows junk PPS and invalid total traffic output counter. PR1084515

Routing Protocols

  • On shmlog unsupported platforms (for example, PTX Series platform), the following message might be seen after a configuration change: PTX-re0 rpd[42030] shmlog not initialized for PIM - not provisioned in platform manifest file. The message does not indicate an error, it just indicates that shmlog is not supported on the PTX Series platform. The severity of the log has been reduced to INFO. PR1065055

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Modified: 2016-08-18