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Documentation Updates


This section lists the errata and changes in Junos OS Release 15.1R7 documentation for the PTX Series.

High Availability Feature Guide

  • The following information belongs in the “Nonstop Active Routing Concepts” topic:

    If you have NSR configured, it is never valid to issue the restart routing command in any form on the NSR master Routing Engine. Doing so results in a loss of protocol adjacencies and neighbors and a drop in traffic.

  • The following information belongs in the “Configuring Nonstop Active Routing” topic:

    If the routing protocol process (rpd) on the NSR master Routing Engine crashes, the master Routing Engine simply restarts rpd (with no Routing Engine switchover), which impacts routing protocol adjacencies and neighbors and results in traffic loss. To prevent this negative impact on traffic flow, configure the switchover-on-routing-crash statement at the [edit system] hierarchy level. This configuration forces an NSR Routing Engine switchover if rpd on the master Routing Engine crashes.

IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Feature Guide

  • The “NDP Cache Protection Overview,” “Configuring NDP Cache Protection,” “Example: Configuring NDP Cache Protection to Prevent Denial-of-Service Attacks,” and “nd-system-cache-limit” topics failed to include the EX Series, M Series, PTX Series, and T Series as supported platforms. These platforms, as well as the MX series, are all supported.