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Resolved Issues

This section lists the issues fixed in hardware and software in Junos OS Release 15.1X53-D47 for NFX250.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

Resolved Issues


  • You might not be able to specify a definite interval for the request system reboot command. By default, the device waits for 30 seconds before rebooting. [PR1150400]
  • User defined login class is not supported. [PR1155965]
  • ping command when initiated with record route option on virtIO interfaces, returns no results. [PR1162659]
  • Clients that are connected via the front panel ports are assigned the default gateway by Network Service Activator. [PR1168284]
  • The CLI to configure the time zone is not functional. [PR1169675]
  • NETCONF configuration for port, and limiting number of connections and rate for sessions are not supported. [PR1169898]
  • JDM SNMP traps have limited support on interfaces only. [PR1173216]
  • System Host bridge uses a default MTU of 1500 and does not support Jumbo frames. Currently there is no CLI to configure the MTU on the host bridge. [PR1192169]
  • A dhcp daemon running on the host assigns IP addresses for internal management interfaces of the VNF mapped to virbr0 bridge. The same dhcp assigned IP address is updated in the /etc/hosts file on JDM, and in turn updates the liveliness state of each VNF. Under scenarios where the VNFs are deleted and re-launched multiple times the DHCP IP address assigned might be different from what is updated in /etc/hosts. This condition results in an unreliable liveliness state, and an SSH connection to the VNF from JDM fails. [PR1212722]
  • If the NFX250 platform image is upgraded using the CLI upgrade option with vSRX VNF running, certain SCSI errors might be seen on the vSRX console. As a workaround, delete and launch the vSRX VNF again. [PR1218039]
  • Passwords that are pushed by the Network Activator might have a new line character in the encrypted password, and these encrypted passwords might corrupt some of the critical files on JDM. As a workaround, perform an USB upgrade of the platform. It is recommended to avoid such passwords being pushed from the Network Activator; these passwords and can be added later over CLI or Netconf sessions. [PR1219625}
  • There is no commit check currently on JDM to prevent a configuration commit having a native-vlan-id configuration on VNF interfaces when the mode is access. [PR1221136]
  • Configuration of a vlan-tagged IPv6 interface on the jsxe0 interface is not supported on the JDM. [PR1232778]
  • There is a mismatch in MD5 values on the CLI upgraded image and USB image of this release. This might lead to the Network Activator enforcing the CLI upgrade to the same image version again during the Zero-touch provisioning process. [PR1233479]


  • When ipsec-nm is configured with scaled IPSec tunnels (5-10) with Dead Peer Detection (DPD) and a failover is triggered, the Key Management daemon (KMD) might not work. [PR1211981]


  • You cannot configure a transmit rate of 0 for class-of-service schedulers. [PR1158085]
  • If a cable is not connected to the front panel RJ-45 ports, the status led will blink. [PR1168054]
  • SFP-T transceivers are not supported. [PR1151575, PR1166808, PR1168203]

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Modified: 2017-09-08