Generating Vital Data from a Screen

The screen group collects all screen statistics of a specified zone. However, it can only collect some of the statistics rather than all statistics.

For example, consider the following screen configuration, where the number of UDP flood attacks in the untrust zone is to be monitored.

user@host> show configuration security screen

ids-option zone-syn-flood {tcp {syn-flood {timeout 20;}}}

user@host> show configuration security zones

security-zone untrust {screen zone-syn-flood;}

To monitor the number of UDP flood attacks, you must first obtain the index of the untrust zone in various screen MIB tables.

user@host> show snmp mib walk jnxJsScreenZoneName | match untrust
jnxJsScreenZoneName. = untrust

In the output, the string is the index of the untrust zone in the MIB table.

By combining the index with screen MIB table jnxJsScreenMonUdpFlood, the number can be monitored using the following command:

user@host# set system log-vital add jnxJsScreenMonUdpFlood. comment “Number of UDP flood attack