Generating Vital Data of Pre-Defined Group

You can use the set system log-vital group [cluster-counter | idp | operating | storage | spu <spu-name> | screen <zone-name> command to enable a pre-defined group.

[edit system]
group {operating;idp;storage;cluster-counter;screen;spu;}

Note: The parameter for spu-name must be fwdd, all, fpcy.picz or nodex.fpcy.picz.

The pre-defined groups are operating, SPU, storage, IDP, screen, and cluster-counter. Once a group is enabled, all OIDs in the group are periodically collected and dumped.

The operating group includes state, temperature, current CPU utilization percentage, buffer utilization percentage, heap-utilization percentage, up time, average-load in the last 1 minute, 5 minutes, or 15 minutes, and buffer-pool utilization percentage in the control plane of each operating component in the system.

The IDP group includes IDP data plane memory usage, IDP session usage and policies loaded number.

The storage group includes storage utilization of directory /var/log.

The cluster-counter group includes current total session number, total CPS, IPv4 CPS, IPv6 CPS, current total IPv4 session number, and current total IPv6 session number of both node 0 and node 1.

The screen group includes screen statistics of a specified zone.

The SPU group includes CPU usage, memory usage, current flow session number, current CP session number, IPv4 session number, IPv6 session number, CP IPv4 session number, and CP IPv6 session number of the SPU.