Customizing Application Groups for Junos OS Application Identification

The hierarchy of application groups resembles a tree structure with associated applications as the leaf nodes. The group any refers to the root node. The group unassigned is always situated one level from the root and initially contains all applications. When a group is defined, applications are assigned from the unassigned group to the new group. When a group is deleted, its applications are moved back to the unassigned group.

All predefined application groups have the prefix “junos“ in the application group name to prevent naming conflicts with custom application groups. You cannot modify the list of applications within a predefined application group. However, you can copy a predefined application group to use it as a template for creating a custom application group.

To customize a predefined application group, you must first disable the predefined group. Note that a disabled predefined application group remains disabled after an application database update. You can then use the operational command request services application-identification group to copy the disabled predefined application group. The copied group is placed in the configuration file, and the prefix “junos” is changed to “my”. At this point, you can modify the list of applications in “my” application group and rename the group with a unique name.

To reassign an application from one custom group to another, you must remove the application from its current custom application group, and then reassign it to the other.