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Trace route to remote host

<mpls>Trace MPLS paths
<request-traceroute-ethernet>Trace route to an ethernet host by unicast mac address
<gateway>Address of router gateway to route through
<ttl>IP maximum time-to-live value (or IPv6 maximum hop-limit value)
<wait>Number of seconds to wait for response
<no-resolve>Don't attempt to print addresses symbolically
<source>Source address to use in outgoing traceroute packets
<tos>IP type-of-service field (IPv4)
<as-number-lookup>Look up AS numbers for each hop
<bypass-routing>Bypass routing table, use specified interface
<inet>Force traceroute to IPv4 destination
<inet6>Force traceroute to IPv6 destination
<interface>Name of interface to use for outgoing traffic
<routing-instance>Name of routing instance for traceroute attempt
<vpn-interface>VPN interface for traceroute attempt
<propagate-ttl>Enable propagate-ttl for locally sourced RE traffic
<host>Hostname or address of remote host
<logical-system>Name of logical system