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this is citiation: IP monitoring checks the end-to-end connectivity of configured IP addresses and allows a redundancy group to automatically fail over when the monitored IP address is not reachable through the redundant Ethernet (reth) interface. Both the primary and secondary nodes in the chassis cluster monitor specific IP addresses to determine whether an upstream device in the network is reachable.

The following in CLI : : The reachability states of the monitored IP address are reachable, unreachable, and unknown. The status is “unknown” if Packet Forwarding Engines are not yet up and running. The status changes to either "reachable" or "unreachable," depending on the corresponding message from the Packet Forwarding Engine.

The following is Codeline: We do not recommend configuring chassis cluster IP monitoring on Redundancy Group 0 (RG0) for SRX Series devices.

The following is email

the following is emphasis: provides details of different combinations of monitored results from both the primary and secondary nodes, and the corresponding actions by the Juniper Services Redundancy Protocol (jsrpd) process.