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    New Distribution Model


    For Junos OS Release 14.1X53-D10 and later, the J-Web interface is available in two packages:

    • Platform package—Provides basic features of J-Web and is installed as part of Junos OS.

    • Application package—Provides all features of J-Web and is a separately installable package.

    • Platform Package

      The Platform package of J-Web is installed as part of Junos OS that is shipped with your EX Series switch. The Platform package provides the basic features of the J-Web interface. The Platform package enables you to configure and maintain your switch.

    • Application Package

      The Application package is not installed by default on your switch. You must download it and install it over the Platform package on your switch. The Application package provides all the features of the J-Web interface that enable you to configure, monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your switch.

    For information about installing the Application package, see Upgrading to J-Web Application Package.

    The Platform package, which is installed as part of the Junos OS that is shipped with your switch, follows the Junos OS release cycle. However, the Application packages have their own release cycle which is independent of the Junos OS release cycle. This separate release cycle helps you get the latest features of J-Web by installing the latest version of the Application package, without waiting for Junos OS releases.


    The J-Web Application package is hot-pluggable. You can install it on top of the current Junos OS installation, and you need not reboot the switch after the installation.


    To determine which J-Web package you are currently using, click Help > About. The About window appears. If you are using a Platform package, only the Platform package details are displayed. If you are using an Application package, both the Platform package and Application package details are displayed.

    If your current J-Web package is:

    Then you can:

    Platform package

    Upgrade to the Application package.

    Application package

    Update to a latest version of the Application package available on the Juniper Networks server that is compatible with the Junos OS on your switch.


    Note: If you upgrade Junos OS on your switch, the current J-Web package is replaced with the J-Web Platform package that is associated with the upgraded Junos OS release. You can then install the latest Application package that is associated with the main release of the upgraded Junos OS, over the Platform package.

    Release Compatibility

    The Application packages of J-Web have their own release cycles (A1, A2, A3, and so on), which are independent of the Junos OS release cycle. An Application package is compatible only with the corresponding major release of Junos OS.

    The Table 1 lists the release compatibility.

    Table 1: J-Web Release Compatibility Matrix

    Junos OS Release

    Associated J-Web Application Package Release


    Application package 14.1X53-A1


    Application package 14.1X53-A2


    Application package 15.1A1


    Application package 15.1A2

    Application package 15.1A3


    Application package 15.1X53-A1

    Note: This release is only for EX2300, EX2300-C, and EX3400 switches.


    Application package 16.1A1


    Application package 17.1A1


    Application package 17.2A1


    Application package 17.3A1


    Application package 15.1X53-A2


    Application package 17.4A1


    Application package 18.1A1


    Application package 18.1A2


    Application package 18.2A1

    Any available later version of the Application package for a Junos OS release supersedes the earlier version. We recommend that you install the latest available version of the Application package.

    For more information about J-Web packages, see J-Web for EX Series Ethernet Switches.