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Known Issues and Limitations

This section lists the known issues in the J-Web Application package Release 18.1A1.

Known Issues

The Table 3 lists the PR numbers and its description that are known issues in the J-Web Application package Release 18.1A1.

Table 3: Known Issues

PR Number

Problem Description


On EX4300 switches, the structured-data format for system log messages is not supported in the J-Web interface. If system log messages are configured to be written in structured data, the event logs in J-Web is not populated, and you are unable to view them using Monitor > Events and Alarms > View Events.

Workaround: Use the show log operational mode command for viewing structured-data format files.


  • In the Maintain > Update J-Web page, Select Application package > Update J-Web> local file does not work in Microsoft IE9 and later releases, because of the default security options set on these browsers. As a workaround, increase the security level:

    Method 1:

    1. Navigate to Internet Options > Security.
    2. Select the zone Local intranet.
    3. Click the custom level button.
    4. Disable the option Include local directory Path when uploading file to the server in the Settings > miscellaneous section.
    5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for the zone Internet.

    Method 2:

    • Navigate to Internet Options > Security > Custom level... and set Reset custom settings to Medium-High or High. This automatically disables the option Include local directory Path when uploading file to the server under Settings > miscellaneous section.

Known Limitations

The Table 4 lists the PR numbers and its description that are known limitations in the J-Web Application package Release 18.1-A1.

Table 4: Known Limitations

PR Number

Problem Description


If a Virtual Chassis contains more than six members, the Support Information page (Maintain > Customer Support > Support information) might not load. This is a known software limitation.


The J-Web interface does not support role-based access control; it supports only users in the super-user authorization class. Therefore, a user who is not in the superuser class, such as a user with view-only permission, is able to launch the J-Web interface and is allowed to configure everything, but the configurations fail on commit, and the switch displays access permission errors. This is a known software limitation.


If you uninstall the J-Web Platform package by using CLI, reinstalling the Application package will not restore J-Web.

Workaround: Reinstall Junos OS software.


J-Web software does not compare for appropriateness of the Application package or restrict you from installing inappropriate Application package on top of a Platform or Application package.

Workaround: Install the appropriate J-Web package.


The J-Web interface does not display CLI generated certificates in the Certificate section in the Management Access Configuration page (Configure > System Properties > Management Access). Using J-Web interface you cannot create or edit certificates.

Workaround: Use the CLI interface for accessing certificate related configurations.


  • In the J-Web interface, you cannot commit some configuration changes in the Ports Configuration page or the VLAN Configuration page because of the following limitations for port-mirroring ports and port-mirroring VLANs:
    • A port configured as the output port for an analyzer cannot be a member of any VLAN other than the default VLAN.
    • A VLAN configured to receive analyzer output can be associated with only one interface.

    This is a known software limitation.

Workaround: None.


In the J-Web interface, the Ethernet Switching Monitor page (Monitor > Switching > Ethernet Switching) might not display monitoring details if the switch has more than 13,000 MAC entries. This is a known software limitation.


When you try to commit your changes to the switch from your laptop by using the EZsetup procedure, the status of the commit operation is displayed as Success, even if the laptop is disconnected from the swtich.

Workaround: Reconnect your laptop to the switch and commit the changes again.


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Modified: 2018-03-08