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Release Notes:


Release 14.1X53-D140

January 20, 2021

Revision 1

Table of Contents

Junos OS Release Notes for QFabric Systems
New and Changed Features
New Features in Release 14.1X53-D46
New Features in Release 14.1X53-D40
New Features in Release 14.1X53-D35
New Features in Release 14.1X53-D30
New Features in Release 14.1X53-D27
New Features in Release 14.1X53-D26
New Features in Release 14.1X53-D25
New Features in Release 14.1X53-D15
New Features in Release 14.1X53-D10
Changes in Behavior and Syntax
Authentication and Access Control
Ethernet Switching
Interfaces and Chassis
Network Management and Monitoring
Open vSwitch Database (OVSDB)
Software Upgrade
Virtual Chassis and Virtual Chassis Fabric
Known Behavior
General Routing
Interfaces and Chassis
Layer 2 Features
Platform and Infrastructure
QFabric Systems
Routing Protocols
Known Issues
Class of Service (CoS)
General Routing
Interfaces and Chassis
Layer 2 Features
Network Management and Monitoring
Platform and Infrastructure
Routing Protocols
User Interface and Configuration
Virtual Chassis
Resolved Issues
Resolved Issues: Release 14.1X53-D140
Resolved Issues: Release 14.1X53-D130
Resolved Issues: Release 14.1X53-D49
Resolved Issues: Release 14.1X53-D48
Class of Service (CoS)
General Routing
Interfaces and Chassis
Layer 2 Features
Routing Protocols
Resolved Issues: Release 14.1X53-D47
Resolved Issues: Release 14.1X53-D46
Resolved Issues: Release 14.1X53-D45
Resolved Issues: Release 14.1X53-D44
Resolved Issues: Release 14.1X53-D43
Resolved Issues: Release 14.1X53-D42
Resolved Issues: Release 14.1X53-D40
Resolved Issues: Release 14.1X53-D35
Resolved Issues: Release 14.1X53-D30
Resolved Issues: Release 14.1X53-D27
Resolved Issues: Release 14.1X53-D26
Resolved Issues: Release 14.1X53-D25
Resolved Issues: Release 14.1X53-D16
Resolved Issues: Resolved Before Release 14.1X53-D16
Documentation Updates
Bridging and Learning
Network Management and Monitoring
Virtual Chassis and Virtual Chassis Fabric (VCF)
Migration, Upgrade, and Downgrade Instructions
Upgrading to a Controlled Version of Junos OS
Upgrading Software on QFX5100 Standalone Switches
Performing an In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU)
Preparing the Switch for Software Installation
Upgrading the Software Using ISSU
Product Compatibility
Hardware Compatibility
Third-Party Components
Finding More Information
Documentation Feedback
Requesting Technical Support
Revision History