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Application Signature Configuration Page Options

Use the following procedure to download predefined application signatures and to view installed application signatures and their status.


  1. Select Configure>Security>AppSecure Settings in the J-Web user interface if you are using SRX5400, SRX5600, or SRX5800 platforms.


    Select Configure>Security>AppSecure>App Signatures in the J-Web user interface.

    The display lists all enabled and disabled application signatures on the device.

  2. (Junos OS Release 18.3R1 and later releases) Select Configure>Security Services>App Secure>App Signatures.

    All enabled and disabled application signatures on the device are displayed in a grid format. A message Once a new custom application signature is created or modified, the configuration is committed immediately to the device. is displayed at the top of the page.

    A status message is displayed just above the grid. It shows the version number of the installed application, the latest version available, and whether you have downloaded or installed an application package.

    Installed application package version : 0 | Latest version 3159 available | No application package is downloaded yet

    Note If you successfully download an application package, the Install button is displayed. If you successfully install a downloaded application package, an Uninstall button is displayed.

  3. Click one:
    • Global Settings—Defines run specifications for application identification or for an automatic downloading schedule.

      • Select the Application Signature tab to define run conditions, and to enable or disable application signatures and the application system cache. You can also select a proxy profile or create a proxy profile.

      • Select the Download tab to specify the URL from where you can download the signature package, set up a schedule for automatic downloads of the latest predefined application signature package.

      • Select the Application System Cache tab to enable or disable storing of AI result in application cache, configure ASC security services, configure miscellaneous services such as ABPR, or set the cache entry timeout.

    • Download—Manually downloads the latest or predefined application signature package.

    • More—Clone an existing application signature package, create group, or configure the page to show a detailed view.

    • Create—Create a new application signature or group signatures.

    • Uninstall—Removes application signatures that are currently installed on your device.

      On SRX1400, SRX3400, SRX3600, SRX5600, and SRX5800 devices, specify the type of signature to uninstall. Choose one of the uninstall options:

      • Customized—Uninstalls all customized application signatures on your device. This option does not uninstall predefined application signatures.

      • Predefined—Uninstalls all predefined application signatures on your device. This option does not uninstall any customized applications.

      • All—Uninstalls all customized and predefined application signatures on your device.

  4. Click one:
    • OK–Saves the configuration and returns to the main configuration page.

    • Commit Options>Commit–Commits the configuration and returns to the main configuration page.

    • Cancel–Cancels your entries and returns to the main configuration page.

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