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Delete and Replace Policies and Objects


You can delete or replace policies and objects from the policies and shared objects main page.


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Delete Policies and Objects

To delete a policy or a shared object:

  1. Select Configure > Policies or Shared Objects.

    The policies or shared objects page appears.

  2. Select the policy or shared object that you want to delete, and then select the minus sign (-).

    An alert message appears verifying that you want to delete your selection.

  3. Click Yes to delete your selection.

Replace Policies and Objects

You can select one or more shared objects and replace them with other objects of the same type.

To replace one or more object:

  1. Select Configure > Shared Objects > Addresses, Services, or Variables.

    The addresses, services, or variables page appears.

  2. Right-click the shared object that you want to replace, or click Replace from the More list.

    You can replace a single object or multiple objects. If the selected object is used in any policy, a warning message appears before they are replaced.

  3. Click Yes to continue the replacement operation.

Delete Unused Policies and Objects

You can clear all unwanted policies or objects that are not used anywhere in your network.

To delete unused policies or objects:

  1. Select Configure and select the landing page for type of policy or object you are deleting.
  2. Select the check boxes beside the items that you want to delete. Right-click on the policy or object or click More from the landing page.

    A list of actions appears.

  3. Select Delete Unused Items.

    A confirmation window appears before you can delete the unused policies or objects.

  4. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

    All unused policies or objects are deleted.


    If you want to delete unused address and address groups from the device when the device is updated from Security Director, go to Junos Space Network Management Platform, select Administration > Application > Modify Application Settings > Update Device and select Delete unused addresses and address groups check box.