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Delete NSX Manager Services


You can delete NSX Manager services from Security Director. Before deleting a service, you must ensure that the service is not deployed in NSX through the vCenter plugin. If the service that you are trying to delete is already deployed in vCenter, you will see an error message. To delete the registered security service, you must first delete the VSRX virtual machines.

To delete a NSX Manager service from Security Director:

  1. Select Security Director>Devices>NSX Managers.

    The NSX Managers page appears.

  2. Select the NSX Manager for which you want to delete the service definition, and in the Services column click View.

    The Services Definition page appears listing the registered security services.

  3. Select the service that you want to delete, right click and select Delete Service.

    If the selected service is already deployed in NSX, an error message is shown to delete the running VSRX virtual machines to delete the registered security service.

    To delete the VSRX virtual machines from the VMware vCenter Server:

    1. Log in to the vSphere Web Client through the VMware vCenter Server.

    2. Select Networking & Security>Installation and Upgrade>Service Deployment.

    3. Select the service and click DELETE.

      The VSRX virtual machines are deleted.

    4. Go to Security Director and repeat the procedure from Step 1.

  4. If the selected service is not deployed in NSX, Security Director deletes the service successfully.