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Uploading Authentication Keys to Devices in Security Director


You can authenticate a device by using credentials (username and password) or by key-based authentication. Junos Space supports RSA keys for key-based authentication. In the Security Devices page, you can upload authentication keys to one or more devices.


You can generate the authentication keys from the Fabric page in the Administration workspace of Junos Space Network Management Platform.

To upload authentication keys to one or more devices:

  1. Select Devices > Security Devices.

    The Security Devices page appears.

  2. Click the Upload Keys button.

    The Upload Keys page appears.

  3. Specify the parameters for uploading keys according to the guidelines provided in Table 1.
  4. Click OK to confirm the key upload.

    The Job Details: Upload RSA keys page appears, displaying details of the uploaded job.

  5. Click OK to close the Job Details page.

    You are returned to the Security Devices page.

Table 1: Upload Keys Settings



Upload Keys

Upload Type

Specify how you want to upload keys:

  • Select Add Manually to add the device details and authentication keys manually.

  • Select Import from CSV to import the device details and authentication keys from a comma-separated values (CSV) file.

    Click the CSV Sample link to view or download a sample CSV file.

CSV File

Click Browse to browse for and select a CSV file.

The CSV file that you selected is displayed in this field. Click Next to continue.

Add Manually

Select either the IP address or hostname of the device as the upload type.

IP Address

Enter the IPv4 or IPv6 address of the device.


Enter the hostname of the device.

Device Admin

Enter the username (of the device administrator) to be used for device authentication.


Enter the password (of the device administrator) to be used for device authentication.

Click Next to continue.

Authorize as different user

Select this check box to authorize a different user on the target device.

User on Device

Specify the username to be used for uploading.

If the username that you specify does not exist on the device, a user with this username is created and the key is uploaded for this user.

If you do not specify a username, the key is uploaded for the device administrator.

Click Next to continue.

Authentication keys will be uploaded to the following devices


The list of devices on which authentication keys will be loaded is displayed.

Click Back to return to the previous section or Finish to go to a summary page.