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Using the Log Statistics and Troubleshooting


Use this page to view the statistical information for each node. The log statistics is displayed as a time series chart, which shows the average event rate per day. You can view the event pattern for up to 90 days.

You can also view the complete statistic details such as node name, node type, events per second rate, time when the last log was received, total disk space, free space, health status, CPU usage, memory usage, and disk I/O wait period. You can use this information to troubleshoot issues with your node.

Before You Begin

  • Read the Logging and Reporting Overview topic.

  • Review the Logging Management main page for an understanding of your current data set. See Logging Devices Main Page Fields for field descriptions.

To use the Log Statistics and Troubleshooting Page:

  1. Select Administration > Logging Management > Statistics & Troubleshooting.

    The Node Statistics page appears.

  2. Use the guidelines provided in Table 1 to learn about the page.

Table 1: Node Statistics




Refreshes the node statistics information.


Starting in Junos Space Security Director Release 16.2, information is not displayed for the JSA node.