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Discarding Policy Changes


At any time, you can undo all changes made during the current session. This action removes the changes and the policy reverts to its previous state.

To discard all the changes made during the current session:

  1. Select Configuration > Change Management > Change Request.
  2. In the Changes Not Submitted section, select the unsubmitted policy, and click Discard Policy Changes.

    A warning dialog box appears asking you to confirm the discard operation.

  3. Click Yes.

    This operation also includes discarding changes to the referred shared objects. The Object Conflict Resolution (OCR) is performed to check for any conflicts while rolling back the changes. If there are any conflicts between the versioned data and the current changes in the system, the OCR window is displayed. After resolving all conflicts, click Next to view the OCR summary report.

  4. Click Finish to discard the changes.