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Using Audit Logs in Security Director


Use the Audit Logs page to track login history, device management tasks, services that were provisioned on devices, and other user-initiated tasks. Tasks that are not initiated by users, such as device-driven activities like resynchronization of network elements, are not recorded in audit logs.

Before You Begin

To use the Audit Logs page:

  1. Select Monitor > Audit Logs.

    The Audit Logs page appears.

  2. Use the guidelines provided in Table 1 to learn about the page.

Table 1: Audit Logs Page Actions



View the details of an audit log

Double-click an audit log entry or click the Detailed View icon that appears when you mouse over the audit log entry to view the details of that audit log.

The Audit Log Details page appears displaying the details of the audit log. See Viewing the Details of an Audit Log in Security Director.

Purge or archive and purge audit logs

Click the Archive/Purge icon in the toolbar to purge audit logs without archiving them or purge audit logs after archiving them.

The Archive/Purge Audit Logs page appears. See Purging or Archiving and Purging Audit Logs in Security Director.

Export audit logs

Click the Export button to export audit logs as a comma-separated values (CSV) file. The Export Audit Log page appears displaying options for exporting the audit logs. See Exporting Audit Logs in Security Director.