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Monitor Settings Overview


Device monitoring allows Security Director to poll devices for health and system data. The collected data is shown in the widgets on the dashboard.

You can enable and disable polling of data from devices. Polling allows Security Director to pull data specific to traffic, resource usage, and sessions across user-specified time intervals.

To change the status of a device, select a device and click Enable or Disable.

You can enable or disable polling when you need information on the devices that are managed by Security Director. If polling is enabled, then data is displayed in the widgets in the dashboard. If polling is disabled, then data is not displayed in the widgets. The following device widgets in the dashboard are dependent on the configured monitor settings:

  • Devices Most CPU Usage

  • Devices Most Memory Usage

  • Devices Most Sessions

  • Devices Most Bandwidth by Bytes

  • Zones Most Bandwidth by Bytes

  • Devices Most Dropped Packets

  • Zones Most Dropped Packets

  • Devices Most Bandwidth by Packets

  • Zones Most Bandwidth by Packets

  • Devices Most Storage