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Troubleshooting Policy Enforcer Installation


Most common Policy Enforcer installation problems occur around creating and deploying the OVA file. If you are not familiar with virtual machines or OVA files, please see VMware Documentation and select the appropriate VMware vSphere version.

Other areas to look for include:

  • Configuring the virtual machine with the correct network configuration. These values vary according to your installation. When configuring the virtual machine network, you will need to know the following:

    • Virtual machine hostname, IP address and network mask.

    • Default gateway that connects your internal network to external networks.

    • Primary and secondary DNS servers.

    • (optional) NTP servers.

  • Virtual machine IP address and ssh root credentials. When configuring the virtual machine, you must identify and record the IP address and the ssh root password. In order for Security Director to communicate with your Policy Enforcer virtual machine, you must enter these values into the PE Settings page (Administration > PE Settings) of Security Director.

    If you forget the virtual machine IP address, log into the virtual machine again. The setup script automatically runs each time you log in so that you can review your settings.

    If you forget the root password, there is no way to retrieve it. You must instead reset your password. Be sure to enter your new password into the PE settings page in Security Director. To reset your password, see CentOS root password reset instructions.