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Viewing Service Definitions


The Manage Service Definitions inventory page allows you, the Service Designer, to view the status of service definitions and list of service definitions that you have created to include in service orders.

Service definitions are listed by name.

Select Service Design > Manage Service Definitions to view and perform actions on service definitions. From the Manage Service Definitions inventory page, you can publish, unpublish, and delete service definitions. You can tag a service definition to categorize or filter it, view tags, and untag.

Tabular View

In tabular view, service definition information appears in table rows and columns.

Table 1 describes the information presented in the table.

Table 1: Service Definition Table Fields




The unique name assigned to the service definition.


One of the following values:

  • Published—The service definition is available for use by service provisioners.

  • Unpublished—The service definition is not yet available for use by service provisioners.

Service Type

One of the following:

  • Point-to-point pseudowire (LDP)

  • Point-to-point pseudowire (BGP)

  • VPLS (MultiPoint-to-MultiPoint)

  • VPLS (Point-to-MultiPoint)

  • L3VPN (Full Mesh)

  • L3VPN (Hub-Spoke 1 Interface)


One of the following values:

  • BGP

  • LDP

Created By

The screen name of the user who created the service definition.

Created Date

The date and Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) time when you created the service definition.

Searching for Service Definitions

To search for a specific service definition, start typing it’s name in the Search field. The service definition name(s) starting with the letters you type are listed in the Search drop-down list box.

If you create tags to categorize service definitions, start typing the tag name in the Search field. Service definitions with the tag you type appears.

Viewing Service Definition Details

To view service definition detailed information, double-click the service definition row.

The Service Definition Details page displays a summary of the service definition settings: General, Connectivity, and UNI settings. The following example shows a summary of the settings for a point-to-point Ethernet service definition.

For information about the meaning of each attribute, see Service Attributes Overview.

Performing Actions on Service Definitions

From the Manage Service Definitions inventory page you can perform the following actions: