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Viewing Available UNIs on N-PE Devices


To view the number of available UNIs on each device allocated an N-PE role:

  1. In the Network Activate task pane, select Prestage Devices.

    The Junos Space software displays the chart named List of Available UNI Interfaces per Device.

    Each vertical bar represents an N-PE device. The number of UNIs is shown on the Y axis. If more than four devices on your network have been assigned the N-PE role, drag the slider across the bottom of the graph to view all devices.

  2. To list the UNIs configured on a specific N-PE device:
    1. Click on the bar that represents the device.
    2. In the Manage Device Roles page, double-click the device.

    The Manage Device Roles page shows only the data for the selected device.