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Excluding Interfaces from UNI Role Assignments


To exclude interfaces from the list of interfaces that the pre-staging rules determined were suitable for use as UNIs:

  1. In the Network Activate task pane, select Prestage Devices > Manage Device Roles > Assign Roles.

    The results of the most recent role discovery operation appear, including any changes you have subsequently made to your pre-staging data.

    Repeat Step 2 through Step 7 for each device for which you want to exclude some recommended UNI selections:

  2. In the Assign Roles page, select the device for which you want to manage UNIs.
  3. Open the Actions menu and select Manage Device UNIs.

    The Manage Device UNIs window shows all the device interfaces for the selected device and indicates those that the Network Activate software recommends for use as UNIs.

  4. In the Manage Device UNIs window, select the UNI you want to exclude.

    To exclude more than one UNI, use the multiple selection capability.

  5. Open the Actions menu and select Exclude from UNI Role.
  6. Open the Actions menu and select Return to Assign Roles to return to the Assign Roles page.