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Viewing Submitted and Unsubmitted Policy Changes


Using the Submitted Changes and Unsubmitted Changes page, you can view the details of the policy changes.

To see a detailed view of submitted or unsubmitted policy changes:

  1. Select Configure > Change Management > Change Requests.
  2. To view the details, click the request name under the Changes Submitted section or click View in the Unsubmitted Changes column under the Changes Not Submitted section.

    The Submitted Changes or Unsubmitted Changes page appears. Table 1 explains details available on this page.

    Table 1: Detailed View of Changes



    Summary of Changes

    Displays the general summary of a policy or a change request with the following information:

    • Name of the policy or a change request

    • Status of the change request, if changes are submitted

    • Modified date of a policy or a change request

    • Change summary information

    Delta Configuration

    Displays the differences between the configurations. Click on the device name to see the delta configurations. You can view the delta in a CLI configuration or an XML configuration window.

    Compare Changes

    Displays a detailed report of current changes from the last created change request.

    Affected Devices

    Displays the total number of devices that are associated with the policy. The following device details are displayed:

    • Device name

    • IP address of a device

    • Connection status of a device

    • Platform details of a device

    • Configuration status of a device