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Downloading the Collection of Cross Provisioning Platform Log Files


You can download the collection of Cross Provisioning Platform log files with a single link. The collection of log files is packaged into a single zip file that can be downloaded and saved to your local machine. This feature proves beneficial especially, for troubleshooting purposes.

To download the collection of log files related to Cross Provisioning Platform:

  1. In the Cross Provisioning Platform task pane, select CPP > Log Collection.

    The Log Collection dialog box that appears the Download button.

  2. Click the Download button.

    The Download Troubleshooting dialog box that appears shows a progress bar.


    In a multinode setup, all log files related to different nodes are present in the same zip file. However, they are available within their respective directories along with their specific node names.

  3. After the download process is completed, you can save the zip file to your local machine.

The following files are packaged, zipped, and downloaded as part of the collection of log files:


Location (by default)

All Deployment Files under FLEX directory


The Application Settings determine the location of the debug folder. You can navigate to ApplicationSettings by selecting Network Management Platform > Administration >Applications >Cross Provisioning Platform > Modify Application Settings > Logging > Log Directory.

OSS log file (includes requests and responses to and from the Service Aware Manager server)


The logger setting specific to the OSS log determines the location of the debug folder.

Server logs


The Role-Based Access Control option is provided along with this feature to control access to the collection of log files. For more information about Role-Based Access Control, see the Junos Space Network Management Platform User Guide.