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Creating a Threshold Alarm Profile


To create a Threshold Alarm Profile, in the Network Activate task pane, select Service Design > Manage Threshold Alarm Profile > Create Threshold Alarm Profile.

The Create Threshold Alarm Profile window appears.

  1. Enter information in the relevant fields of the Create Threshold Alarm Profile window:




    Type a name for the Threshold Alarm Profile.

    Service type

    Select the service type:

    • P2P

    • VPLS

    Perf Parameters

    Select the performance parameters that you want to include in the profile.

    The available parameters depend on the Service type selected.


    Type comments to describe the Threshold Alarm Profile.

    Perf Parameter Name

    This column displays the names of the parameters selected in the Perf Parameters field.

    Data Type

    This parameter is configured automatically, depending on the performance parameters selected. You cannot edit this field. The possible values are:

    • Absolute

    • Relative

    Observation Interval(s)

    Specify the maximum duration during which threshold crossing is allowed.


    Specify a threshold value. If the performance data exceeds the value specified in the Threshold field, the Junos Space application or OpenNMS software generates a threshold alarm for the selected service.


    Specify the conditional status by which you want the performance data to be evaluated relative to the specified threshold.


    Specify the relative severity of the performance test results, which determines when an alarm is raised:

    • Critical

    Note: Currently, you can specify Critical only.


    This column displays a message generated by the application according to the test being performed. This message is updated in the threshold alarm.

  2. When you complete entering information in the Threshold Alarm Profile window, click Create.