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Viewing Performance Statistics Collected According to SLAX Scripts


Junos Space Release 13.1P1 enables you to display performance statistics derived from MIB objects. The performance statistics are collected according to instructions contained in SLAX scripts. By default, data collection occurs once every 5 minutes (300 seconds).

To view the graphs for the collected data:

  1. In the Network Management Platform task pane, select Network Monitoring > Reports.
  2. In the Reports window, select Resource Graphs.
  3. Select the node (local device) on which you have deployed a service.
  4. Select jnxUtilIntegerName, under which instances are displayed. Each instance is the service name.
  5. Select the instance (that is, the service name) for which you want to view the graph.
  6. To stop the gathering of performance statistics, right-click the service and select PM Stats > Stop.

Threshold crossing alarms are generated when the value of collected data exceeds the specified threshold value. To view threshold crossing alarms, in the Network Management task pane, select Network Monitoring > Alarms.

You can edit the specified values for the various threshold performance parameters such as TwoWayDelayAvg, TwoWayDelayBest, TwoWayDelayWorst, and so on. To modify a threshold performance parameter value:

  1. In the Network Management Platform task pane, select Network Monitoring > Admin.
  2. Select Manage Thresholds.
  3. Select JNX-Util > Edit.
  4. Click the Edit column for the threshold expression you want to modify.
  5. Modify the threshold Expression and Re-armed UEI values according to your requirements.
  6. Click Save.