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Decommissioning Bulk Device Configlet Services in Cross Provisioning Platform


Use the Device Configlet Services page to decommission multiple device configlet services of Cross Provisioning Platform in bulk. You can select the number of services that a single page displays, by selecting one of the following values from the Show items drop-down list at the bottom of the page:

  • 10

  • 20

  • 40

  • 60

  • 80

  • 100

  • 200

To decommission device configlet services in bulk:

  1. From the Cross Provisioning Platform task pane, select CPP > Device Configlet Services.

    The Device Configlet Services page that appears displays a list of existing services.

  2. Select the check boxes against the device configlet services that you want to decommission.
  3. Either right-click and select Service > Decommission or click the Decommission icon on the grid tool bar. You can also decommission a service by selecting Actions > Service > Decommission.

    The Schedule Decommission page appears where the selected services are listed. You can schedule the decommissioning to happen immediately or later at a scheduled time.


    You cannot decommission a service that has been modified on the Services page unless the value of the Order State field of the corresponding service is Completed. You can decommission only 25 services at a time. If the count exceeds 25, the following error message appears:

    Service decommissioning cannot be scheduled if the selected services count is greater than 25.

  4. Select the Decommission now option button to decommission the services immediately. You can also decommission the selected services later by selecting the Decommission later option button and setting the preferred date and time.
  5. Click OK to decommission the selected device configlet services.

    The Job Details dialog box appears with a list of job IDs.


    For every device configlet service that is selected to be decommissioned, a unique job ID is assigned. You can view the details of each job on the Job Management page by clicking the corresponding job ID.

For every device configlet service that is decommissioned, a message is logged on the Audit Log page. To view the Audit Log page, select Network Management Platform > Audit Logs > Audit Log.

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