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Confirming Communication with the Third-Party OSS Server for Cross Provisioning Platform


To confirm that the cross provisioning platform system can communicate with the OSS server:

  1. In the Cross Provisioning Platform task pane, select CPP > Third Party Devices.
  2. In the Third-Party Devices window, click the Ping OSS Server icon in the command bar.

    The Select Vendor window appears.

  3. In the Select Vendor window, select the vendor type.

    The primary address and the secondary address of the vendor is displayed.

  4. Click Ok.

    The Ping OSS – Status window indicates whether or not the CPP system has access to the OSS server.


    You must have configured the OSS server parameters in the application settings. For more information about configuring the OSS parameters, see Preconfiguring the Third-Party OSS Device for Cross Provisioning Platform.