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Modifying a Point-to-Point Ethernet Service


You can modify the following entities of a point-to-point Ethernet service:

  • MTU across the network

  • Rate limiting bandwidth of an endpoint

  • MTU of an endpoint

After modifying a service, the configuration audit and functional audit information is cleared and the functional audit status is set to pending.

To modify the attributes of a service:

  1. In the Network Activate task pane, select Service Provisioning > Manage Services.
  2. In the Manage Services page, select the service you want to modify.
  3. Open the Actions menu and select Modify Service.

    A graphical image of the service appears, showing device images that represent the service endpoints and a cloud image that represents the network core. By default, the cloud image is selected, which displays general settings and connectivity information in the right panel. The General Settings box contains a unique name for the service order that will request the change.

  4. In the Name field, change the name of the modification service order, if desired.
  5. Change the MTU setting, as required.
  6. If you have configured the CFM, the General/Connectivity Settings panel provides an option to disable the CFM service. You can select the Disable CFM check box to disable the CFM service, if desired.

    If you have not configured the CFM, the General/Connectivity Settings panel provides an option to enable the CFM service. You can select the CFM definition from the CFM Definition list, if desired.

  7. Click Next.

    The service order endpoint settings information for endpoint A appears in the right panel.

  8. Change the bandwidth or MTU setting as required.
  9. Change the Revert time (sec) and Switch Over Delay (sec) as required.
  10. Select or clear the Enable send-oam config check box.
  11. Click Next and make any required changes to endpoint Z.
  12. Click Modify.

    The Network Activate software modifies the service.

  13. Use the Job Management workspace to check for successful completion of the action. See Viewing Jobs in the Junos Space Network Application Platform User Guide for details.

To view the modified service in the topology, select Platform > Network Monitoring > Topology > Service > NA.

For more information on topology, see Junos Space Network Topology Overview