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Modifying a Service in Cross Provisioning Platform


Use the Device Configlet Services landing page to modify a device configlet service in Cross Provisioning Platform. You can modify a device configlet service only if a modification script is attached to the device configlet service.

To modify a service in Cross Provisioning Platform:

  1. From the Cross Provisioning Platform task pane, select CPP > Services.

    The Services page that appears displays a list of existing services.

  2. Either select Service > Modify or select a service and click the Modify icon on the grid tool bar. You can also modify a service by selecting the service and then selecting Actions > Modify.

    The Modify Service page appears.


    The Modify Service page details vary according to the type of the selected service.

  3. Modify the service details and click Modify.

    The Job Details dialog box appears along with a job ID link.

  4. Click the Job ID link to view the job details.

    The Job Management page that appears contains a list of the jobs, along with the status of the jobs.