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VLAN Pool Profiles Overview


A VLAN pool profile specifies the ranges of valid VLAN IDs that are available for use on MX Series devices, on each physical interface. The maximum theoretical pool of VLAN IDs contains 4096 VLAN IDs—IDs 0 through 4095.

VLAN ID 0 and VLAN ID 4095 are never valid VLAN IDs.

The Network Activate system provides the following predefined VLAN pool profiles:

  • maximum-range—Any VLAN ID pool created using the maximum-range profile allows any VLAN ID from 1 through 4094. This is the default VLAN profile.

  • vlan-ccc—Any VLAN ID pool created using the vlan-ccc profile allows any VLAN IDs from 512 through 4094 available for use. VLAN IDs 1 through 511 are reserved for use by Juniper Networks.

For each physical interface that Junos Space recommends as a UNI, the system attempts to determine the best VLAN pool profile. For example, if a UNI has the vlan-ccc encapsulation setting, the rules recommend the vlan-ccc pool profile for that interface. When the correct VLAN pool profiles have been assigned to each UNI, Network Activate creates a VLAN ID pool for each UNI containing only the allowed VLAN IDs specified in the VLAN pool profile for that UNI.

If the device interface is already running encapsulation before being brought under Junos Space management, the Network Activate software assigns the appropriate VLAN range.

For details about encapsulation, see the Junos OS VPNs Configuration Guide.