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Viewing Configuration Audit Results


After performing a configuration audit, check the detailed results of the audit:

    1. In the Network Activate task pane, select Service Provisioning > Manage Services.
    2. In the Manage Services page view, select the service you are investigating.
    3. Open the Actions menu and select View Configuration Audit Results.

      Examine the audit results for missing configuration information, and keep the window open for later comparison with the service configuration in the Junos Space database.

      You can validate policies for the hub and spoke (1 interface).

  1. To view the service configuration in the Junos Space database, double click the service icon in the Manage Services page, then in the Actions menu, select View Service Configuration.

    A new window opens and shows the service configuration.

    If a CFM is configured in P2P service or VPLS service, the configuration audit result displays the CFM configuration details.

  2. Compare the contents of the Service Configuration with those of the Configuration Audit Results window for each device in turn. If you see discrepancies, then it is likely that the service configuration was modified out-of-band. If so, you might need to synchronize the device with the Junos Space database.

    For step-by-step instructions about synchronizing devices, see Resynchronizing Managed Devices with the Network for details.