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Configuring QoS Settings for iPASOLINK Devices


To configure QoS settings for an iPASOLINK device:

  1. In the Cross Provisioning Platform > CPP > Service Definitions, create a service definition with the service type as DEVICE. Ensure you select a script from the following list of QoS-related predefined scripts:
    • PD_QOS_Device_Configlet_Create_Script_iPASO—Script used for provisioning QoS configurations on iPASOLINK devices

    • PD_QOS_Device_Configlet_Modify_Script_iPASO—Script used for modifying QoS configurations on iPASOLINK devices

    • PD_QOS_Device_Configlet_Detail_Script_iPASO—Script used for viewing QoS configuration on iPASOLINK devices

    For more information about creating a service definition, see Creating a Cross Provisioning Platform Service Definition for iPASOLINK Devices.

  2. Publish the service definition.

    To publish the service definition that you have created:

    1. On the Service Definitions page, select the service definition that you have created.

    2. From the Actions menu, select Publish Service Definition.

      The Publish Service Definitions window that is displayed prompts you to confirm your action.

    3. Click Publish.

      The Service Definitions page reappears. The selected service definition is now in the published state.

  3. Provision the configuration on the iPASOLINK device.
    1. On the Cross Provisioning Platform task pane, select CPP > Device Configlet Orders.

      The Device Configlet Order page appears.

    2. On the Device Configlet Orders page, click the + icon.

      The Create CPP Device Configlet Order page appears.

    3. On the Create CPP Device Configlet Order page, select the service definition that you have created in step 1.

    4. (Optional) Specify the description in the Description field.

    5. Click Next.

      The QOS Provisioning window appears.


      The appearance of the QOS Provisioning window is based on the scripts that are associated with the service definition upon which the device configlet is based.

    6. Select an iPASOLINK device in Site name, and fill in the QoS-settings-related fields on the Classify Settings, Ingress Settings, and Egress Settings tabs.

  4. (Optional) If you want to verify the modified QoS Settings, click Verify.
  5. Click Create.

    The QoS Settings is deployed on the selected iPASOLINK device and you can view the device configlet order on the Device Configlet Orders page.

    For more information about administrating the device configlet order, see Administering a Device Configlet Service Order for Cross Provisioning Platform.


    You cannot decommission a device configlet order.

  6. Deploy the device configlet order.

    The QoS configuration is deployed on the iPASOLINK device.