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Uploading a Connectivity File to Create Multihomed Groups


To create multihomed groups, you upload the connectivity file in the Junos Space software. You create and upload a single connectivity file for all the multihomed groups you want to configure in Junos Space. To add additional multihomed groups at a later date, you can update the connectivity file and then upload the connectivity file in Junos Space again.

To upload a connectivity file and create a multihomed group:

  1. In the Network Activate task pane, click Prestage Devices > Manage Multihomed... > Create Multihomed....

    The Create Multihomed Groups screen appears.

  2. To upload a Connectivity file for multihomed groups:

    1. In the Connectivity File field, click Browse.
    2. Navigate to the XML connectivity file that you want to use to create the multihomed group.
    3. Click Upload.
    4. (Optional) To view job status information, click the Job ID.
    5. Click OK to upload the connectivity file in Junos Space.

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