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Modifying the Device Information Source Configuration for Security Devices

Use the Device Information Source page to configure the authentication source. Supported authentication sources include Active Directory and third-party network access systems.

The SRX Series device obtains the device identity information for authenticated devices from the authentication source. After the SRX Series device obtains the device information, it creates a device identity authentication table to store device identity entries. The SRX Series device searches the device identity authentication table for a device match when traffic issuing from a user’s device arrives at the SRX Series device. If it finds a match, the SRX Series device searches for a matching security policy. If it finds a matching security policy, the security policy’s action is applied to the traffic.

Note Refer to the Junos OS documentation (available at for a particular release and device. There you can find detailed information on the configuration parameters for that device.


To modify the authentication source:

  1. Select Devices > Security Devices.

    The Security Devices page appears.

  2. Select the devices whose configuration you want to modify.
  3. Click More or use the right-click menu and select Configuration > Modify Configuration.

    The Modify Configuration page appears.

  4. Click the Authentication Source link in the left-navigation menu.

    The Device Information Source page is displayed.

  5. Select an authentication source.
  6. After modifying the configuration, cancel the changes, save the changes, preview the changes, or save the changes and deploy the configuration on the device. See Modifying the Configuration of Security Devices.

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