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Adding a Canoga Perkins NID to Cross Provisioning Platform


The Cross Provisioning Platform application supports the following Canoga Perkins network interface devices (NIDs):

  • Model 9145E

  • Model 9145ELB

  • Model 9145EMP

The device role for Canoga Perkins network interface devices is NID, with service capability of L2 and L3.

To add a Canoga Perkins NID to the Cross Provisioning Platform application:

  1. In the Cross Provisioning Platform task pane, select CPP > Third-Party Devices.
  2. Click the Add Third-Party Device icon.

    The Add Third-Party Device appears.

  3. Click IP Address option

    You can add a third-party device either using the host name of the device or IP address of the device. Because the Canoga Perkins NIDs do not have a host name and are identified by a non-unique ID along with the device name, you cannot add a Canoga Perkins NID using the host name.

  4. In the IP Address field, specify the IP address of the Canoga Perkins NID.
  5. In the Vendor field, select Canoga.
  6. Click Add.

    After the job completion, the Third-Party Devices landing page lists the Canoga Perkins NID that you have added.

    The Third-Party Devices landing page allows you to view and filter third-party devices that you have added based on the vendor type.