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Managing NNI Ports


Along with user-to-network interface (UNI) ports, the Cross Provisioning Platform application enables you to configure network-to-network interface (NNI) ports on a device. You can configure the NNI ports on Juniper Networks and Nokia devices.

To manage or add a network-to-network interface (NNI) for a specific device:

  1. In the Cross Provisioning Platform task pane, select the Prestage Devices > Manage Device Roles.

    The Manage Device Roles window appears.

  2. In the Manage Device Roles window, select the device to which you want to add an NNI port.
  3. Open the Actions menu and select Manage Device NNIs.

    The Manage Device NNIs page appears.

  4. Click the + option to add an NNI.

    The Add Device NNIs window appears, displaying all NNI ports on the device that have not been managed.

  5. Select the interface you want to make available for assignment as an NNI. To select multiple interfaces, use the multiple selection feature.
  6. Open the Actions menu and select Assign NNI.
  7. In the Assign NNI role window, click Confirm to assign the NNI.

A new column isNNIPort is added on the View Third Party Devices page. If a device has an NNI port, the isNNIPort value is true.

To delete an NNI, select the NNI interface from the Manage Device NNIs page and select Delete NNI.

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