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Configuring OSS Parameters for Canoga Perkins NIDs


Before you add Canoga Perkins network interface devices (NIDs), you must configure the Canoga Perkins operations support system (OSS) in the Network Management Platform.

To configure the Canoga Perkins OSS:

  1. From the Network Management Platform UI, select Administration > Applications.

    The Applications window appears.

  2. Select Cross Provisioning Platform from the list of applications.
  3. From the Actions menu, select Modify Application Settings.

    The Modify Application Settings window appears.

  4. Select OSSConfigParameters.

    The OSSConfigParameters pane lists the OSS configuration parameters that you must configure for the following vendors:

    • Alcatel OSS Configuration

    • Canoga OSS Configuration

    You can view or configure the OSS parameters.

  5. In the OSSConfigParameters pane, select Canoga OSS Configuration.

    The OSSConfigParameters pane lists a set of parameters that you can configure for Canoga Perkins NIDs.

  6. Enter values for the required parameters.

    OSS Parameter


    Primary Server IP

    IP address of the primary server.

    Primary Server Port

    Port number of the primary server.

    Backup Server IP

    IP address of the backup server.

    Backup Server Port:

    Port number of the backup server.

    HTTP Connection Timeout (milliseconds)

    Duration of HTTP connection (in milliseconds) before the timeout elapses.

    Maximum API Requests

    Maximum number of simultaneous API requests permitted.

    Number of devices for sync with OSS request

    The number of devices that must be queried in a single request while performing the synchronization.

    OSS User Name

    Username for accessing the OSS server.

    OSS User Password

    Password for accessing the OSS server.

    Synchronize OSS Inventory daily at given time

    Time at which the CPP system synchronizes third-party devices, added or deleted from the CPP system, with the OSS server.

    Note: The time at which the synchronization job runs is associated with the location of the browser in which you are using the Junos Space software. That is, the synchronization job runs according to the browser time where the job is scheduled, not according to the time where the Junos Space server is located.

    Use primary server

    Specifies whether the CPP system communicates with the primary OSS server or the backup server.

    If this check box is selected, the CPP system communicates with the primary OSS server. If the check box is not selected, the system interacts with the backup server.

    Use HTTP protocol

    Specifies whether the CPP system must use the HTTP protocol.

    If this check box is selected, the CPP system uses the HTTP protocol.

    The default protocol is HTTPS.

  7. Click Modify after you finish entering values for OSSConfigParameters fields.

The Canoga Perkins OSS is configured. You can test if the OSS is configured correctly by following the procedure described in Confirming Communication with Canoga Perkins OSS Server.