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Running an Operation


Junos Space Network Management Platform allows you to execute (or run) operations existing in the Junos Space Platform database.

To run an operation:

  1. On the Junos Space Platform UI, select Images and Scripts > Operations.

    The Operations page displays all the operations in the Junos Space Platform database.

  2. Select the operation that you want to execute.
  3. Select Run Operation from the Actions menu.

    The Run Operation page appears.

  4. Select the device or devices on which you want to execute the operation by using one of the following methods—manually, on the basis of tags, or by using a comma-separated values (CSV) file. These options are mutually exclusive. If you select one, the others are disabled.
    • To select devices manually:

      1. Click the Select Device Manually option, if it is not selected previously.Note

        The Select Device Manually option is selected by default and the list of devices associated with the user is displayed.

      2. Select the devices on which you want to run the operation. Perform one of the following actions:
        • Select one or more devices by selecting the check box corresponding to the devices.

        • Select all devices by selecting the check box in the column header next to the Host Name.

        • Search for devices, or filter devices based on tags by using the search option provided.


          The search field is available only for the Select Device Manually. Using the search field, you can search for devices by the device name, Device Alias custom label, or tag and then select devices by clicking the corresponding check boxes.

        The total number of devices selected is displayed and dynamically updated as you select or clear the devices.

      3. (Optional) You can tag the selected devices so that you can reuse the same group of devices to run a different operation. To tag the devices, enter the name of a tag in the Tag Selected Devices As text box and click Apply Tag.
    • To select devices on the basis of tags:

      1. Click the Select by Tags option.

        The Select by tags list is activated.

      2. Click the arrow on the Select by Tags list.

        A list of public and private tags associated with the user is displayed.


        If no tags are displayed, then no devices are associated with the user’s private tags or the public tags. You must tag the devices on the Device Management page for devices to be associated with tags.

      3. Select the check boxes next to the name of the tag to select one or more tags. Optionally, you can filter the tags by entering the name in the text box and select the tags.
      4. Click OK.

        The devices associated with the selected tags are displayed in the table. When you select devices based on tags, you cannot modify the list of devices displayed.


        The tags that you selected are displayed next to the Select by Tags field. The number of devices associated with the selected tags is also displayed

      5. (Optional) An [X] icon appears after each tag name. You can use the [X] icon to clear any tag from the list. The device count in the Select Devices status bar decrements accordingly.
    • To select devices by using a CSV file:

      1. Select the Select by CSV option.
      2. Click Browse and in the subsequent dialog box, select the CSV file containing the list of devices on which you want to execute the operation.

        The filename is displayed in the field next to the Browse button.

      3. Click Upload.

        The devices listed in the CSV file are displayed in the table. When you import devices using a CSV file, you cannot modify the list of devices displayed.


        If you import an invalid CSV file an import failure error message is displayed. Download the sample CSV file by clicking the View Sample CSV link and ensure that the format of the CSV file that you are uploading is the same as the sample CSV file.

        From Release 17.1R1 onward, when you upload a CSV file to select devices from, Junos Space Platform verifies the devices in the CSV file. If the CSV file contains devices to which the changes do not apply, a warning message appears which says "Few devices are not selected due to precondition failure. Please click "View inapplicable devices" for more details.” You can click the View inapplicable devices link to review the list of devices that are excluded from the update.

  5. (Optional) You can also schedule a time for the operation to run by selecting the Schedule at a later time check box and using the calendar icon and drop-down list respectively to specify the date and time when you want to run the operation.Note

    If you select devices based on tags and if you schedule the operation to run later, the devices associated with the tags are resolved at runtime. The operation is run only on those devices that are associated with the tags at the time of running of the operation.

  6. Click OK.

    If you did not specify a later date and time for the operation to be run, the selected operation is executed and a dialog box appears, displaying a link to the job. Perform one of the following actions on the jobs dialog box:

    • Click the job ID link to view the status of the operation execution, and on the Job Management page, double-click the row corresponding to the job to view the details of the job.

      • If the operation was executed successfully, you can export the details of the operation as a comma-separated values (CSV) file by clicking the Export as CSV button and saving the file on your PC.

      • If the execution of the operation failed, the reason for the failure is displayed.

    • Click OK to return to the Operations page.